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Pacman Takes Over City Streets On Google Maps

Pacman Takes Over City Streets On Google Maps

PACMAN-- This April 1st or better known for being Aprils Fools Day has brought back one of the first classic games go go viral, Pacman. Google maps implemented the game in both the desktop and mobile versions of their platform. To start the game however is a little bit different between the two, one far easier than the other.

The desktop version of Google maps will allow you to click a Pacman mini screenshot icon on the bottom left, while the mobile version will only allow you to play in select locations in the world. You can open up the side menu on the mobile version and see the “Insert Coin” link that's been added, this is where you can find some hints pertaining at the locations so you can play Pacman game on Google maps.

I decided to give the mobile version a try, you swipe the screen in the direction you want Pacman to turn. Personally I found this to be an easier method than the traditional Joystick, I scored 12130 on my first attempt. I don’t really know what this has to do with April Fools though to be honest, maybe it’s an inside joke or something.

Ingress is an augmented reality game from Google that is also based on their maps, even that has added the Pacman game to its platform. There has been some rumors brewing up about Ingress, with word of conventions and even a movie being talked about being in the works. The game won't be around for long as most features that pop up from Google from time to time have shown in the past. I wonder if there is going to be anything else that pops up for Google this April Fools.

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