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Part 2: Moving Abroad? Here Are Some Tips From A Personal Experience On Moving From The US To The UK.

Banking, Working, Eating O MY!

Part 2: Moving Abroad? Here Are Some Tips From A Personal Experience On Moving From The US To The UK.
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In the previous article I talked about some of the "anxiety" effects on moving to a completely different country. I also touched up on finding a place to live, where as this article(part 2) is going to focus on Banking, Food and of course Getting a Job. You can view the previous article by clicking this link:

Getting A Job

Getting work will take sometime unless you have something preset up, then you should be fine but again make sure you have some money saved up because you will spend it sooner than you think in the beginning. That is just because you need to understand how you budget is going to be with needing to pay for transportation and food and the prices may be a lot different than you are accustomed too.

Visas are important!, make sure you get all that information sorted out before you make the move and I cannot stress this enough. There are a few different Visas to look into so make sure you get the one that applies to you.

I am fortunate enough to have a dual citizenship in both the US and the UK and even my move over to the UK involves getting paperwork together. Get online now and start browsing the market, see whose hiring and maybe even try to email/call someone ahead of time to see if they are looking for help. Be honest with your situation, there are plenty of work opportunities that include board.


This is going to be the hardest thing to do in the beginning, as you will have no credit and since you just moved into a new place(hopefully!) you will not have any bills in your name from the start. So while all that happens you should look into getting a bank card from such places as Barclay's since it will only take a Visa, Passport(dual citizen) and a renters book. The renters book should be supplied free of charge by the land tenant in which you are paying rent to.

This Bank card is your key to getting a job, you will need to get a national number first though. So the two of those together will let you job hunt with the right documents and a place for your money to be deposited. Barclay’s has confirmed that their cash cards will count as a bank account that employers are seeking.

Food, Food, Food!

With all the commotion of moving to a new place, finding a job and getting your financial situation taken care of, it’s important to understand the food situation. In america food is cheap, and when I say cheap I mean McDonald's cheap ( hence the obesity numbers being way WAY too high). Food in England is richer, and when I say richer I don’t mean price  (although it does cost more) but rather that it taste a whole lot better. Cooking at home now and learning to budget yourself might come in handy down the road when you are moved into a place by yourself with only a few quid till your next paycheck.

This is why saving as much as you can before hand is so important and cannot be stressed enough. I love cooking as I enjoy eating a bit healthier and cannot do the whole fast food thing more than once a week tops.

Final Thoughts

Saving now is going to make the transition so much easier in the long run, as well as doing plenty of research. Online communities are a great place to socialize now and help set up some connections before you arrive, you can also learn from the locals in not getting caught paying “tourist” prices. Though remember you are a tourist in the end, unless you have been living in England your whole life and more specifically London in my case, then you are a tourist

When it comes to entertainment make sure you look for all the free things to do, London is a haven for culture and there is a lot of free things to do throughout the city and past its limits. Last but not least, just get out there and enjoy life, think of this as a way to find yourself and a time you do what you want without other things influencing you to do what they want. The world is a big place, a beautiful place and of course there are TONS and TONS  of friendly people in this world that the TV can’t show you.


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