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Paul Walker Death Chalked Up to a Hoax in New, Nasty Rumor

Paul Walker's death a hoax?
Paul Walker Death Chalked Up to a Hoax in New, Nasty Rumor
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Rumors will always be around, but some are so hurtful they are just nasty. Celebrity death rumors are constantly circulated on Twitter and while they are in bad taste, they are typically easy to identify. Paul Walker was actually the victim of a celebrity death hoax in the days before he was actually involved in that horrific car accident. And now a new rumor about his death is making its way through social media and it is just disgusting.

The latest rumor to come out of the Twitter rumor mill centers around Paul Walker’s death and the idea he faked the whole thing. A site has gone to great lengths to prove that the car accident was all a setup by Paul and his Hollywood friends. An extensive list of pictures are provided as proof the accident was staged. The theory is disgusting and must be terribly painful for his family to even consider.

The site, NODISINFO, provides a very lengthy explanation of the events that took place that fateful day. Pictures that show so-called people in the fire are provided to prove the theory that the death was nothing more than an elaborate scene for some Hollywood film. My eyes are certainly not what they used to be, but to me there are no visible humans cavorting about in the fire or using chemicals to make the fire burn bigger and brighter. The site tries to convince the reader they are seeing people dressed in white fire suits within the fire. The photos are so incredibly blurry there are white blotches everywhere. How that can be considered an actual person is beyond me.

In the long article, the writer asserts, “It has already been established that the relatives of Paul Walker are involved in a cover-up, that is the cover-up of faking the actor's death.” Paul’s girlfriend, daughter, father and co-workers are all named as conspirators in this major cover-up. One picture of a woman asking a television camera to stop filming the burning car has been declared to be that of Paul’s girlfriend. The site claims she didn’t want cameras filming from that angle for fear of the hoax being uncovered.

The site also claims that because the family members were smiling and appearing to have a good time walking along the beach at Paul Walker’s funeral, they were part of the hoax. The event looked to be a celebration of his life enjoying the beach like he did when he was around. It is sad that a family’s grief is being dissected and analyzed with the conclusion they were not sad enough and therefore the death wasn’t real.

There have been plenty of rumors of celebrities faking their deaths in the past, but one must consider what Paul Walker would have to gain from dying? He was in the middle of filming and had several other movies coming out. It wasn’t like he was really hounded by the paparazzi. He had the best of both worlds and seemed to enjoy living a fairly quiet life with the perks of having a good job that allowed him to live a life of luxury. The story is sad, hurtful and completely baseless. Paul Walker’s friends and family have just come through what was probably one of the hardest holiday seasons and the last thing they need is a bunch of garbage like this.

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