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Peyton Manning Has Another Season Left In The Tank

The Fairy Tale Ending May Have One Last Run

Peyton Manning Has Another Season Left In The Tank

MILE HIGH-- Peyton Manning has thought things over it seems and has given the Denver Broncos some good news going forward as he says he is mentally and physically ready for next season. Both sides met on Thursday to discuss the 2015 season and reports state the option to retire is still going to be left on the table. John Elway and CEO Joe Ellis came away from the meeting with the expectations that their franchise quarterback back for training camp.

Next week both sides will look to sure up the finale details going forward, but a timetable was never laid out as to when this is all expected to be completed. Peyton Manning will be turning 39 this year and towards the end of last season and into the playoffs he did appear to be running on fumes in comparison to what he looked like just the season before.

After last season had concluded, news broke that Peyton Manning had been playing with a quad injury, however it is said to be 100% healed now though. Manning is due a large sum as far as contracts go and if he is signed to the Broncos under the current contract by March 9th, then he will make a guaranteed $19 million next year. There are some speculations that Manning's contract could be reworked as it permits depending on the results of his latest physical.

The Denver Broncos will have $26 million in cap space and even with Peyton Manning's current contract, they can handle the other players easily. With both Demaryius Thomas and Julius Thomas both looking for new contracts as well, they have set up their cap space with future intentions. The following year gets even better for the franchise too, as an additional $50 million in cap space will open up, which it might turn out to be the perfect time for the signing of another quarterback.

One thing is for certain, if Peyton Manning does in fact return, the Denver Broncos will need to make sure he isn’t put in the situation in which he has to beat a team by himself. Whether or not he has enough gas in the tank in the later parts of the season is still up for discussion, and one thing is for certain, no one escapes father time.

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