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Possible Hate Crime When Black Man Murders A White Soldier

It was reported by CNN that the murder of the United States soldier has probability of being a hate crime.

Possible Hate Crime When Black Man Murders A White Soldier
Photo Credit: Facebook/DAILY MAIL REPORTER

Hate crimes happen more often than American’s realize however, most hate crimes reported are against minorities and homosexual people. A recent hate crime was reported by CNN. The crime involved the murder of a white United State soldier, who was out celebrating his upcoming release from the Army. It is suspected he was stabbed by a black man during a confrontation sparked from racial issues, Specialist Tevin A. Geike from Summerville, South Carolina died on scene.

The stabbing happened in Lakewood on Saturday, which was close to Joint Base Lewis-McChord where Geike was based. The suspect in the stabbing has not yet been determined or identified. Geike was with two of his fellow soldiers walking around Lakewood at 2 a.m. when they were heckled by a passing car. According to Ben Johnson, one of the soldiers walking with the victim, one of the people inside the car shouted something to the men that is a racial slur against a Caucasian person. One of the other soldiers walking with the victim and Johnson, Matthew Barnes, shouted back at the vehicle resulting in the driver quickly turning the car around and five black men hopping out of the vehicle. The men all exchanged angry words, but when the driver realized the three white men were soldiers he told his friends to get back in the vehicle. Upon their exit it appeared that one of the men from the car bumped into Geike roughly knocking him to the ground. However, when the man from the car bumped into Geike he actually stabbed him. With his comrade, Matthew Barnes holding him, Geike died from the stab wound.

As he called emergency services, Barnes held his friend and tried to stop the massive amounts of blood coming from his body. As Barnes hung up with emergency services, he noticed his friend’s heart was no longer beating. Geike was an aviation operations specialist who signed up for the Army in the fall of 2010 and was stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChrod in the spring of 2011.

With one dead white solider at the hands of a black man, investigators are trying to find out if the stabbing was the effects of a hate crime. While nothing has been determined yet, investigators are taking this possibility into heavy consideration. Prior to the stabbing the soldiers were heading off to celebrate the pending discharge of their comrade Geike from the Army.

Sunday following his death, friends and family began putting flowers in the location where he died. Barnes believes the men who were the cause of his friend’s death were looking to start something that night and that they were looking to hurt someone. Police are currently looking for the assailant’s car, which has been described as a blue four-door car that is either a BMW or a Volkswagen Jetta, with low tires and stock rims.

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