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Pregnant Wife Stabbed While Video-Chatting with Soldier Husband

Nine months pregnant, Rachel Poole is stabbed while video-chatting with her deployed soldier husband, who is stationed thousands of miles away.
Pregnant Wife Stabbed While Video-Chatting with Soldier Husband
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This is one of those stories that sounds too horrifying to be true, yet it unfortunately is.

Nine months pregnant Rachel Poole was video-chatting via FaceTime (Apple’s answer to video-chatting) with her soldier husband, Army Pvt. Justin Pele Poole (who is stationed overseas in Asia), on Wednesday.  Suddenly, a man who was hiding in Poole’s Texas home emerged and stabbed her several times while her husband could only watch in horror from thousands of miles away. 

Poole, 31, was rushed to University Medical Center in critical condition, which is where she remained while doctors performed an emergency cesarean section on her.  Poole was scheduled for the surgery for next week, but doctors were unable to treat Poole’s injuries until they got the baby out.  The baby girl, named Isabella, was delivered successfully and is in good condition, according to Poole’s stepfather, Gary Jones.

The suspect has been identified as 19 year-old Corey Bernard Moss.  According to Police Detective Mike Baranyay, Poole repeatedly screamed Moss’ name to her husband over the phone as she was being brutally attacked.  Moss stabbed Poole from behind in her kitchen, injuring her several times with a stainless steel folding knife.  Justin, still on the phone with his wife, also reached out Moss’ co-workers for help via phone.

Poole sustained multiple injuries to her face and stomach.  In spite of her injuries, however, Poole found the strength to call the authorities.  Moss had called someone to drive him back to the Fort Bliss military base, where he was a soldier-in-training, but he was ultimately picked up by the Fort Bliss Military Police.  The knife Moss used to stab Poole was found in the car that had driven him home.

Moss has since been turned over to the El Paso police.  According to an arrest affidavit, detectives believe Moss entered the house through the rear door, where he hid and waited for Poole to return home.

According to investigators, Moss stated that Poole had owed him money for repairs he had performed on her vehicle.  Moss has been charged with criminal attempted capital murder.  His bond was initially set for $60,000, but it has since been increased to $150,000

Justin Poole, who has been deployed for approximately nine months (the entirety of Poole’s pregnancy), shared photos of his newborn daughter on Facebook on Saturday, along with photos of his wife, who is still recovering. 

Poole can still not see out of one of her eyes, and, according to her stepfather, she may need eye socket reconstruction.  Doctors won’t be sure if this surgery is necessary until the swelling of her eye goes down.  Poole also suffered a collapsed lung and an out-of-place vertebrae.  Justin has explained that Poole will not be able to see or hold their baby until she has recovered.

Brett Lively, a friend and former roommate of Justin’s, has started a fundraiser to help the family with medical expenses.  His initial goal was $5,000.  By this morning, the fundraiser had already beat this goal, pulling in almost $6,000.  As of this printing, donations have reached nearly $22,000.

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