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Prepare for the Belfie Epidemic

Pictures of butts are blowing up social media sites as the Belfie becomes the next big thing
Prepare for the Belfie Epidemic
Credit: Jen Selter Twitter

Social media has done some pretty great things for stalkers all around the world. Young women and a handful of men are not afraid to share their every waking move on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Along with providing play-by-play details, these people like to include pictures to make sure you get the entire idea of what it is they are trying to do. The latest and greatest trend is for women to post pictures of their butts.

Yes, in a time where Kim Kardashian’s larger than life butt is all the rage, women everywhere are jumping on the Belfie bandwagon and posting pictures of their butts. Not all of them are as large as Kim’s, but when a person bends over and sticks her rump in the air and then takes a picture of it, they all look big.

The selfie made it into the dictionary as a real word and now we are embarking on yet another new word to add to the American vocabulary. The Belfie is a real thing now, like it or not. Peruse Twitter or Instagram and you will see one picture of another of a woman’s butt. These are not typically naked butts, although Miley Cyrus came pretty close with a picture of her wearing some of her tour merchandise.

We have seen Coco’s butt do some pretty amazing things with her penchant for Belfies. In fact, it is hard to say who really made the Belife oh so popular. Coco’s butt, which appears to be all natural, has been the star of plenty of pictures. Ireland Baldwin has just joined the crowd and posted a picture of her butt as she bends over in front of a mirror. Do these women actually look in the mirror before snapping a picture and posting it to the internet for millions of people to see? They are not pretty snaps.

Personal trainers who seem to be trying to drum up business are also using the Belfie to promote themselves. Jen Selter was basically a nobody until she started posting regular photos of her butt getting firmer as she continued an exercise program. She quickly started gaining followers as people looked forward to seeing her new improve backside. So far, she has amassed over 2 million followers and become somewhat of a butt expert. She went from being some lady who worked out to the face of fitness equipment, a supplement brand and a fitness water brand.

These ladies are using the Belfies to get rich. It seems like a pretty easy trick, but women tend to be a little self-conscious about their rear ends. If you are hoping to get in on the Belfie bandwagon, you better be prepared to bend over and touch your toes a lot. And you have to have a booty worthy of a Belfie. And for heaven’s sakes, please at least cover the crack. A Belfie isn’t meant to be pornographic. Cover your arse and let the shape do the talking. The best part about this new craze is anybody can do it and look good with the help of Photoshop software. Just ask Kim Kardashian how to make a giant butt look firm and perky and you might as well sketch in a tiny waist too.

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