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President Obama Stand on Syrian Current Issues

How does the president plan to approach this issue?
Politics have always been a part of the world existence. Without politics, life itself is missing something. All over the world, you will always hear about different political issues, and this is something important in the life of every citizen. Of the varying news concerning politics, one of the hottest issues so far is the intervention of President Obama in the crisis of Syria. Perhaps, this is truly one of the most popular topics in the world of politics because the most powerful man in the world is here to speak.


Currently, the president declared that any US military strike to Syria is just like ‘shooting across a bow’. The president perceives America avoiding itself in any kind of conflict that’s open-ended by this way.

Obama Speaks With PBS News Hour

PBS News Hour has covered one of the most sensational issues in the world of politics and this is President Obama’s stand in the Syrian crisis, which took place a several days ago. The president said that he never made a concrete decision about how to respond to the alleged civilian massacre in Syria.

He said that if tailored and limited approaches are to be done then this could be a more effective way to stop the crisis and would surely provide national security in the long run. This would certainly send a strong signal to the Assad regime, a signal that simply commands them to stop.

The president also rejected claims that put rebels into the picture – rebels who are known to have committed the massacre just to topple Assad. The president rejected such claims during his first public remarks since he first spoke in a CNN interview last Friday.


The President’s Conclusion

As a conclusion in this issue, the president has concluded that it is the Syrian politics or the government has carried out such things. Prior to this, international consequences need to be established immediately. He even added that he has no interest in all sorts of open-ended conflicts in Syria but the use of chemical weapons is something threatening and is something, which is not going to be tolerated by most of the world’s politics sector.


World Politics on Its Stand Against Chemical Weapons

 President Obama along with other politicians in the world is against the use of chemical weapons because these do not only put a threat on international norms but the core self-interest of the United States. He also stated that he and other world politicians would not allow those chemical weapons used by anyone. He warned that Syria's civil war could be a possible way to ‘melt down’ the grip of Assad on his threatening and dangerous chemical weapons.


US politics are specifically hot during these days in regards to the Syrian crisis and it was the House speaker who told the president to convey his personal views concerning this issue in Syria’s shaky politics. The case of Assad will be handled by congressional committees and top leaders in every chamber.

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