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Preventing Burning Lungs While Running

It burns

Preventing Burning Lungs While Running
Image By Kyle Cassidy via Wikimedia Commons

FITNESS-- The weather is perfect outside and you have made a new pact with yourself that now is the time for you to get back on track and become healthy once again. You shop for the appropriate attire, your shoes fit like a glove and you are in perfect spirits as you head out the door with your favorite tunes playing in your earbuds.

Then you start to feel a sudden burning sensation in your lungs after running for only 10 minutes, maybe even less for some others. Why is this happening when your legs feel perfectly fine? It is almost like you can’t catch your breath but your body doesn't feel depleted and you haven't even broken a sweat.

Just as your legs, arms and chest are all pivotal points in which the muscles need to be worked out, so does our heart and lungs.  Both the heart and lungs get a far less workout than the previous muscles I listed, better yet almost every muscle in the body on a day to day schedule if you are not working them out.

Walking around the house, getting up from a chair or bending over to tie your shoes all puts some sort of strain on the bodies muscles, whether it is intense or not. The heart and lungs also need this type of workout, but the only way you can truly achieve it is by breaking a sweat. A great saying I have seen many times in my health journey is this, “If you can't run and talk, then stop and walk”.

Gradually building up your lungs capacities and the heart muscle in general is not something you are going to achieve overnight. You won’t go from a sit at home individual to a Kenyan Marathon runner in one try. The second you start to feel that burning sensation in your chest, slow it down to a walk and put your hands on top of your head and breath. Your hands above your head will help open up your chest and allow your lungs to open up without the constraints of the rib cage being weighed down by your arms on your side.

Being healthy is a lifestyle you have to live, only doing it when you “feel” like it is not going to get you very far. Stick to your limits and set a long term goal, and if you are overweight for example try parking the car a little further away when you go to the store and force yourself to walk and grow the distance from there.

The most important thing of all though is……. DO NOT GIVE UP BECAUSE YOU CAN & WILL DO THIS

Good luck and may you all have healthy and prosperous lives.

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