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Raspberry Pi Has 2-Thumbs Up From Steve Wozniak

Raspberry Pi, a credit card size computer that only costs $35 is perfect for all geeks these holidays.

Raspberry Pi Has 2-Thumbs Up From Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple inc has put out his praises for the little innovated Raspberry Pi system. BBC which is a broadcasting network in the UK had Wozniak on for an interview, this is where he was full of praise for the new young developers in the world today. The faster we can start modifying the education system to give kids a better chance after graduation the better our economy will be also.

“Any young child, even ten years old, can understand enough to learn to program, and the Raspberry Pi – you can hook wires to little motors, you can build devices that do things. What an incredible learning experience. Or sensors – you know, or when I say a certain word it’ll turn on the lights. Those are really fun projects for young people. And they are a growing step in developing the great technologists of the future, that build the devices we all live with.”

Growing up for majority of us in the states at a young age were lucky to have had a computer let alone a class, even then it was mostly based on learning how to type or presenting a slide show. Maybe now kids can have the chance to learn more with the Raspberry Pi only costing a mere $25/$35. Giving kids a chance to become computer literate at a young age is beneficial for everyone in that economy, and also the inspiration. The Raspberry Pi is a Linux based computer board that offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and even HDMI, though the ram is only a modest 512Mb.

Overclocking is also a possibility in getting the devices up to 1Ghz if you know what they are doing or you could always just Google it. Raspbian, the operating system that the Raspberry Pi runs can be downloaded and installed directly from the website, The OS is based on Linux Debian and it will require a 2Gb SD card although a 4Gb is recommended. Get a geek a Raspberry Pi this holiday season, shoot get them a couple and inspire them to create something new.

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