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Ray Iannicelli – Talent at Its best

Ray Iannicelli – Talent at Its best
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Actors come are a dime a dozen but there are a select few who are that incomparable diamond in the ruff who takes talent to a whole other level. Diamonds in the ruff can come in all areas of the entertainment industry but when you’re talking about true talent you must be talking about the incomparable, Ray Iannicelli. Obviously it was an absolute joy to be able to speak with Mr. Iannicelli about his latest projects.


BECCA ROSE: What can you tell our readers about St. Vincent?

RAY IANNICELLI: It was a joy working with Bill Murray. He’s a star who talks & cajoles with everyone & anyone on set. He makes it a relaxed atmosphere therefore helping all to create on the spot. BTW, he’s a big man – physically – who looks like he could play linebacker for the NY Giants. I hope for all concerned it’s a monster hit.


BECCA ROSE: What are your methods for getting into character?

RI: “I’m the guy.” At this stage of my career & all I’ve done both on stage & on film & TV, it’s just thinking about the character & what he wants in the scene. BTW, that’s usually dictated by the script.  Also I try to find something in my behavior that’s unique to the character, maybe a physical tick, a way of speaking, looking at another character or not, something.


BR: What has it been like working on the remake of Annie?

RI: It was fun. Big Stars, Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, Bobby Cannavale, Rose Byrne & of course Quvenzhane Wallis, who plays Annie. Most of my work was outdoors in front of my character’s restaurant. We shot in Greenwich Village not far from where I lived for a long time.  Ms Wallis is certainly a poised young lady & has a great sense of humor, loves to joke around.


BR: Other than acting, what are you most passionate about?

RI: I love my wife & we cook & drink wine together. She’s Jamaican & I’m Italian American so we have a nice culinary variety at home. Also we have great friends & neighbors. We recently remodeled our house in Brooklyn & we were without a kitchen for 3 months & spent almost every night cooking & eating dinner w/ the Wilson family next door in their backyard.  It was a great summer. Also we traveled to Chile in the Spring & we spend lots of time in Jamaica & next Fall we’re going to Sicily w/ a few high schools pals from Brooklyn. Pretty good!


BR: What other projects are you working on that we can tell our readers about?

RI: I have 2 other films due out soon, THE CHALLENGER, which I believe is Michael Clarke Duncan’s last movie. It’s about A Bronx boxer fighting for a better life. It’s directed & stars Kent Moran & also stars S. Epatha Merkerson. Also a movie titled INDIFFERENT WOMEN shot in Manhattan.

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