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REDIRECTED Movie Review (W/ Spoilers)

REDIRECTED Movie Review (W/ Spoilers)
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REDIRECTED-- If you happen to be a fan of Snatched, Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels or even the movie the Hangover, then chances are you will enjoy this film. The basic plot of the movie without giving too much away is it has to do with a group of friends who commit a robbery and are stranded in Eastern Europe with the mob, Eastern “Redneck” Europeans, whores and crooked cops to name a few.

Think of this movie as Snatched meets the Hangover as this story is put together well and always has a new monkey wrench to throw into the mix. The plan was “100%” bulletproof, but then again that is what the dull crayons in a color box would say.

The original plan was to commit a robbery and fly to Malaysia to the golden beaches, clad women and all the fine living one would ask for. That is until the plane is diverted to a remote Eastern European area due to a natural event. That is when the story goes from smooth sailing for the friends, to an all out Hangover style adventure.


Michael(the main character) wasn't in on the plan, but his friends made him apart of it without his awareness. Once he figures it out, he quickly looks for an out as he wants nothing to do with it. However his friends had other plans and knocked him out, where he awoke in a shitty hotel(hostel/Motel) and had no idea where he was.

They each have their own adventure trying to figure out what's going on while escaping the mob that is hot on their trail. Eventually they meet back up after an hour of entertainment for the viewers and the redneck vs mob standoff happens.

This is a must see movie for those that like adventure, comedy and a bit of quirkiness and the movie received a solid 7.5/10. Vinnie Jones is known for his british style thug mannerism and is not disappointing in this film either. Gil Darnell also plays a solid role as one of Michael's(Scott Williams) friends who is in on the robbery.

Directed by Emilis Velyvis who also directed Zero and Zero 2.

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