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Regina Spektor is Pregnant

Despite being nominated for a Grammy this year, Spektor revealed the exciting reason as to why she can't be there to participate in the annual celebrations this weekend.
Regina Spektor is Pregnant
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Hipsters, rejoice!

Singer/pianist Regina Spektor, 33, and her husband, Jack Dishel (who wed back in 2011), have announced that they are about to become first-time parents.  Spektor was nominated for a Grammy for her theme song contribution to the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black, but she subsequently explained the very happy reason as to why she can’t be there for this weekend’s festivities. 

Spektor said that while she would have loved to hop on a plane to L.A., gotten all dolled up and, subsequently, indulged in the fun that comes with Grammy involvement, she was simply “super pregnant,” which made it out of the question.  Among the things she has been to lately have been writing songs, cooking soup, and then eating that soup.  That kid’s going to come out looking like the Campbell’s Soup kids!

Dishel was formerly a guitarist with the band The Moldy Peaches, a group that gained more mainstream fame by contributing their song “Anyone Else But You” to the massively popular soundtrack to the hit film Juno back in 2007.  Currently, Dishel belongs to the band Only Son, and they recorded a duet with Spektor entitled “Call Them Brothers,” which appears on Only Son’s second album, Searchlight.

Spektor began studying classical piano at a young age in New York City.  Her teacher was Sonia Vargas, a professor at the Manhattan School of Music, and she continued to teach Spektor until the latter was 17 years old.  It was Spektor’s father who found Vargas, and the two met through Vargas’ husband, a violinist by the name of Samuel Marder.

The Spektor family actually owned a piano back in Russia, but they were unable to bring it here to the States.  So, Regina found a piano to practice on in her synagogue’s basement, but she wouldn’t stop there.  She would also practice her finger placement on hard surfaces, like tabletops.  Now that’s passion!

Not surprisingly, Spektor’s early taste in music was rooted in the classical genre, but as she grew older, she found that she was coming around to other styles, such as hip hop, punk, and rock.  She would also make up her own songs around the house, but she took a more serious interest in songwriting when she visited Israel in her teens.  While there, Spektor entertained the other kids of the Nesiya Institute with whom she traveled with the songs she made up on the spot while they all were hiking.  This was when she realized she had a knack for songwriting and that it was an interest she wanted to further nurture.

After she returned from this trip, Spektor drew songwriting inspiration from the likes of such artists as Ani DiFranco and Joni Mitchell, amongst others.  She then went on to write her first a cappella songs when she was around 16 years old, and her first songs for voice and piano came about almost two years later when she was about 18.

No pressure, but Baby Spektor (Dishel?) will soon be born into quite the musically talented family.

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