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Remember The GOOD Loveline From The 90's? Well It's Back, Kinda...

Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew are back to their old ways in entertaining the masses together

Remember The GOOD Loveline From The 90
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Loveline-- Anyone who grew up or paid attention to anything that was happening in the 1990’s, then you will know all about the radio show, Loveline on 91X. The foundation of the show resides on the shoulders of Adam Carolla best known for the TV Show”The Man Show” and his partner in crime, Dr. Drew Pinsky who has gained more recent fame from the TV show Celebrity Rehab.

Together these two were taking calls during late night radio about all the topics you could image, most of them were based on some sort of sex, drug or a rant Adam is known well for. 2 hours every weeknight these two would light up the airwaves to help all those in need, the only problem was that it ended.

Well Adam Carolla has been leading the podcast world for a few years now and even took on a group that was looking to sue every podcaster and potentially ending podcasting altogether. Well Adam built “Carolla Studios” which hosts a variety of podcasts, one stands out in particular though, “The Adam Carolla & Dr. Drew Podcast” which is essentially Loveline revived.

However this version is an updated version since there is no “boss” in the sense of mainstream radio or cable TV. They move to their own beat and say whatever they like, and to think the original Loveline couldn't get any better. You can find the podcast on iTunes or through any podcast directory to be honest. Whether you like both of them or not, this is a podcast you want to keep listening to since the material hits home from time to time and who knows, you may even learn a thing or two.

Some notable guests who stop by and even help host when either Adam or Dr. Drew are not around are, Brad Williams, Adam Ray, Jim Jefferies, Pat O’Brien, The Sklar Brothers, Doug Benson, Mindy Sterling, Orlando Jones and David Alan Grier to name a few. The podcast is completely free to stream or download.

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