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Remember These Nifty Board Games?

Vintage board games

Remember These Nifty Board Games?
Photo Credit: Milton Bradley

Remember those rainy days and the snow days when school was cancelled and you would break out that awesome board game you loved so much? These were the games that kept you entertained for hours on end and ones you wish you still had to this day.

You remember the jingles that went along with many of the games such as Connect Four and Perfection, of course because these were the games that made your childhood. So let’s take a trip down memory lane and see some of the games from days past that we still love and remember to this day.

Don’t Wake Daddy: Admit it you played this game and then played it in real-life with your own father, you know you did so don’t deny it. The game was fun but also terrifying for children because the concept of waking the father meant bad things for the game players.

Shark Attack!: No one wants to be attacked by a shark, unless of course it is your opponent in this thrilling board game. The game involves a plastic shark going after multicolored sharks that are attempting to flee the scene before they are eaten.

Perfection: This game was first release in the 1970s and came back into popularity in the 80s and 90s and became an extremely addictive game for teenager. You’re in a race against time to put all the pieces in their proper place before the game erupts and sends the pieces flying and you’re back to square one.

Dizzy Dizzy Dinosaur: This cute little purple dinosaur will certainly make you smile but if he knocks into your colored blocks you’re giving yourself a one-way ticket back to start. You need to get all your pieces to the cave before this little guy knocks them out of the way for good.

Candy Land: Okay so this one isn’t quite as vintage as they are constantly revamping it and making it better. This game will get your sweet tooth watering. Candy land is the most fun time you can have with candy without giving yourself a cavity.

Operation: The one and only time you can play doctor without going to school to receive your medical license. This game gave people anxiety every time they picked up the tweezers tools and went to extract an item from the patient’s body.

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