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Replacing Chrome OS With Elementary OS On The Acer C720 & HP 14

Replacing Chrome OS With Elementary OS Successfully In 7 Steps

Replacing Chrome OS With Elementary OS On The Acer C720 & HP 14
Elementary OS-- Turning the Acer C720 and the HP 14 Google Chromebook into a full on Linux machine by removing Chrome OS altogether is not as hard as one may think. Now that isn’t to say that it won't take a little knowledge on what it is you need to do, but hey that’s why I've strung together a list of videos to make that happen. 

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to install the Elementary OS Linux distribution, arguably one of the most beautiful desktop environments to date. With each video there is a description under the video to which you will need to click the YouTube logo in the bottom left hand corner of the video frame to open up the video in another window to see it. 

 BACKUP YOUR FILES FIRST!!! Let’s begin…. 

 1) Disabling the write protection on the Acer C720: 

Remove the screw as shown in the video below, then open the terminal inside Chrome OS and you will login by typing chronos, then type sudo su.

You will need to set the bios flags by typing or copy and pasting the following then pressing enter:


Next type or copy and paste the following:

# /usr/bin/ 0x489

Then replace the screw and it should automatically boot into Legacy, so you will need to install Linux distro. 


2) Downloading and Installing Elementary OS:  

3) Fixing the kernel (a must do to fix everything else): 

To fix the touchpad, just download the 3 files from here(instead of the ones I used in the video below): reboot. The trackpad should work then. 

 4) Removing the old kernel


5) Fixing the trackpad and making it work:  

 6) Updating XSERVER-XORG  

7) Fixing the suspend issues


There you have it, 7 steps to turn the Acer C720 Google Chromebook into a “Linuxbook,” though you can do this as well with the HP 14 Chromebook model also. If you have a question about a certain step, first go to the video and see if it hasn't already been asked, from there you can ask it or you can return here and ask it in the section below. Don’t forget to subscribe to the DMG Tech YouTube channel so you can keep up todate and learn more tips and tricks about Linux on a Chromebook.

Jonathan Parkinson:
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