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Review: The Walking Dead: Inmates

Finally! The Walking Dead is back

Review: The Walking Dead: Inmates
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Yes! Now The Walking Dead is back! I know, I know it returned last week for the second half of season four, but the premiere episode of the second half of the season wasn’t exactly an edge of your seat kind of episode. While finding out what happened to Rick, Mischone and Carl was crucial for the overall plot, I am sure, an episode where only about 20% of it is dialogue isn’t exactly one that makes you want to keep coming back for more.

This week however, was an absolutely change of pace and keep fans on the edge of their seats the entire time. This week we found out just what happened to the rest of the jail crew including, everyone’s favorite…Daryl!

The episode began with Daryl and Beth running, once again, from zombies through the woods into a patch of grass where it appeared they had been making camp ever since they had to flee the jail. It was an intense moment as they took off to try to find the others, including many of the young kids who fled, but they ran into many complication…aka zombies, along the way. As the zombies approached fans, especially this writer, felt the anxiety growing that eventually Daryl could die, a terrible thought but on a show like The Walking Dead, it is unfortunately quite the reality.

We have also found out what happened to Maggie, Sasha, Tyrese and Carol, yes that’s right Carol is back and she has certainly come back at the right time.

This episode was chock full of zombies, which made it incredibly frightening and sent audiences nearly jumping out of their seats at each and every turn. This is the kind of episode that gets you hooked, the kind that reminds the fans why they have been so addicted to the show from the beginning.

As each group takes off from their, “safe place,” it is foreshadowing for the fact that we know that eventually they will all find their way back together, eventually. It may not be till the end of the season, but it will happen. Of course, as with every episode, there have to be moments of calm where you’re not running for your lives with your favorite character, but last week’s episode was far too calm for Walking Dead standards. Plus as my friend so graciously put it, there simply wasn’t enough Daryl.

For this episode I have to say a big, welcome back to Daryl and to the show as a whole. It gave viewers everything they could have wanted, suspense, drama, intrigue, horror and so much more. If this episode was any indication we are in for a majorly suspenseful and terrifying year.

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