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Ripper Street Is Set To Begin Season 3 In April

April 29th 2015

Ripper Street Is Set To Begin Season 3 In April

WHITECHAPEL-- Good news for the critically acclaimed BBC TV show Ripper Street fans as season 3 is set to begin on April 29th. The series has received much praise but in years past it was set to be canceled but Amazon stepped in and struck a deal with the BBC that offered season 2 exclusively to UK Prime Members. Not much was know as to what the future of the series was to be, however BBC America has stated season 3 will air at 10pm on the 29th of April.

The series is based in the years after the historic murders of “Jack the Ripper” which leads that name to the show, Ripper Street. The time period was in the late Victorian, while season 3 will begin 4 years after the conclusion of season 2 in 1894.

Lead characters Detective Reid played by actor Matthew Macfadyen along with Detective Inspector Bennett Drake played by Jerome Flynn and of course Captain Homer Jackson played by Adam Rothenberg will all come back for the new season. The chemistry each of them bring to the TV screen is one that has seemed like it was destined to happen since the first episode.

A recap of what has gone on so far is best said by and are quoted with the following,

“Four years have passed since Reid bayed for Drake to end the life of Jedediah Shine. Four years that have seen the crime-fighting axis of Reid, Drake and Jackson split and isolated from one another. Drake has left London for Manchester to become the policeman – and man – he felt he could no longer be in Whitechapel. He is an Inspector himself now. Jackson has reverted to the man Reid plucked out of the Tenter Street brothel, a two-penny, sawbones, clap-doctor. And Reid has succumbed to his own shame and isolation, policing Whitechapel with a level of forensic detail and dedication that leads Chief Inspector Fred Abberline to fear for his old friend’s mental well-being.

Meanwhile, Long Susan has made good on her threats to both Captain Jackson and the dying Silas Dugan – she has separated from her husband, taken command of Duggan’s criminal empire and turned it into a legitimate property empire of huge philanthropic ambition. But such aspirations are costly, as her loyal but scheming solicitor Ronald Capshaw knows only too well.

All these resentments, fears and ambitions are soon forgotten, however, when two trains collide on the newly constructed bridge above Leman Street. It is a catastrophe which falls into Reid’s world and demands explanation. His pursuit reunites him with Drake and Jackson and sets him on his own collision course with his past and with the secret crimes of Long Susan and Ronald Capshaw.”

What new crimes and mysteries will the season 3 of Ripper Street? Only time will tell and thankfully that time is closing in to just about a month until it all takes place. Leave your comments below with some of your favorite moments, what you want to see happen and who your favorite character has been todate.

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