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Rise to "Olympus," with Levi Meaden

Rise to "Olympus," with Levi Meaden
Marc Cartwright

SyFy has become one of those channels you turn to when you want really thrilling and unique fantasy-based series and Olympus is no exception. The series brings fans thrills, blood, love, and everything in between but what’s more, it brings them more of Levi Meaden!

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with the gorgeous actor about his character, Kimon and about what makes Olympus so exhilarating.


BECCA ROSE: What can you tell us about "Olympus?"

LEVI MEADEN: Olympus is a sword and sandal adventure show in the grand tradition of the genre. It is the story of a fresh-faced hero’s journey to become a ruthless leader. It is the story of a battle for the throne of Athens after the King falls ill. It is the story of mortals and monsters fighting for the favor of gods.


BR: What first drew you to the project?

LM: As a kid I was obsessed with Greek myths, this was spurred on by shows such as Hercules and Xena. I was absolutely fascinated by the stories. Getting to be a part of the same type of show that inspired me when I was younger was a huge draw. Then there was the chance to delve back into the myths and re-familiarize myself with them that really sold me.


BR: How would you describe your character?

LM: Kimon comes from the lowest echelon of Greek life and has worked all his life to get to a position of status. He is a very lonely young man who often mistakes adoration for love, and will do anything to get it. He uses his brain over brawn and is not afraid to ally with who ever he needs to get what he wants.


BR: Other than acting, what are you most passionate about?

LM: Classic films. I have a love for film making in general but since that may be a bit of a cheat since it’s related to acting I am going to say hip-hop music. I spend an inordinate amount of time listening to it and looking up lyrics. It is a bit of an obsession.


BR: Where can our readers keep up with what you're doing? Are you on social media?

LM: I am on Twitter at @levimeaden and Instagram @kid_presentable42, be aware though there’s a fake @levimeaden on Instagram so don’t follow him, he already has more followers than me. 

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