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Robert Downey Jr. Ready to Pull Mel Gibson Out of Hollywood Exile with Avengers Film

Robert Downey Jr. is planning Mel Gibson's comeback in new Avengers movie.
Robert Downey Jr. Ready to Pull Mel Gibson Out of Hollywood Exile with Avengers Film
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Robert Downey Jr. is a shining example of how a celebrity can tank his career and then come back with a huge bang. The Iron Man star struggled to get his stuff together throughout most of the 90s as he battled his addictions. To put it bluntly, he was a train wreck. But he battled through it all and came out smelling like a rose. A very rich rose with his massive paycheck for his role in the popular franchise. And since he has been to the bottom and climbed his way out, he is hoping he can do that for his troubled pal, Mel Gibson.

Mel Gibson was mired in controversy with all his baby mama drama for a year or better. He was clearly deep in a bottle and kept running his mouth and saying really stupid things which were always caught on tape. He quickly became the man people loved to hate. After decades of being at the top in the Hollywood game, Mel was booted out and shamed into exile where he has been for years. Robert Downey Jr. is keen to give his old pal a hand and hopefully show him a way out of the pit he crawled into.

So, what is the link between Robert Downey Jr. and Mel Gibson? If you remember way back, the two starred in the comedy, Air America in the early 90s. And, Robert is good pals with Jodie Foster, who is very close to Mel. The actors were all the rage 20 years ago and now, the Iron Man star is hoping to get his once powerful pals back in the limelight.

Because Robert Downey Jr. is the man of the hour these days, he is reportedly ready to use his pull to get Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson on the Avengers team. He did give Marvel studios a few really big hits and they are clearly grateful to him, but are they willing to put their necks on the line by hiring a guy who shoots off his mouth and says some really nasty things?

A source explains, “Robert is very big into working with his friends.” Add loyal to his list of attributes. Robert Downey Jr. has a five-year contract with Marvel to reprise his Iron Man role in two more Avengers movies. The insider reveals, “It’s been a longtime dream of Robert’s to help Mel and Jodie reach similar big box office heights like the ones he’s achieved in recent years.”

There is just one little problem. Marvel is run by “one of the richest and most prominent Israeli businessmen in Hollywood.” That is sure to cause a major problem with Mel Gibson whose tirades have included some pretty nasty comments about the Jewish community. Jodie Foster will probably be welcomed with open arms, but the source is positive Mel will never be allowed through the front doors.

Despite Robert Downey Jr.’s best efforts, it is unlikely Mel Gibson will get a shot at a comeback in a Marvel film. He tried once before and he was shot down then. For now, Mel can enjoy his forced retirement as his pals try and figure out another way to bring him back into the good graces of the people of the land.

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