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Robin Thicke Still Mad at Miley Cyrus for Stealing VMA Thunder

Robin Thicke is still mad Miley Cyrus stole his thunder at the VMAs nearly 6 months ago.
Robin Thicke Still Mad at Miley Cyrus for Stealing VMA Thunder
Credit: Miley Cyrus Twitter

Robin Thicke has not been in the headlines for several months. In fact, the last time he really had people talking was when Miley Cyrus rubbed her butt all over his crotch. And that has apparently left a rift between him and the young woman who essentially made him really famous. Immediately following the controversial performance at the VMAs back in August, Robin seemed to step away from it all and played the role of an innocent bystander.

Miley Cyrus was blamed for the entire scandal and with that blame came a great deal of publicity. Robin Thicke ended up being the guy she got freaky with. Does anybody even remember why he was on that stage? Was he a prop? This is the kind of thinking that has left Robin mad as heck. He had one really good song, “Blurred Lines.” He was supposed to get to bask in the glory of having one of the most popular hits of the summer and then Miley came out on stage.

Nobody was looking at Robin Thicke in his Beetlejuice costume anymore. They were all shocked and awed by Miley’s near nakedness and what she was doing with a foam finger. One source says Robin is still miffed over all the attention she got, “Robin is jealous Miley's career took off after that.” To be fair, she is the one that molested that foam finger on live television. She deserves to gain some notoriety.

It is a mutual dislike of one another according to another insider. After Robin was scolded for the performance, he quickly blamed it on Miley and said it was all her idea. He didn’t know exactly what she was going to do. At least that was his story at first. It did kind of flip flop in future tellings. A source in Miley’s camp says, “Miley thinks Robin threw her under the bus.” She would think right. Robin’s wife, Paula Patton, was said to be angry backstage, but she came out later saying she loved the whole thing and knew it was going to happen. Maybe Miley told Paula and not Robin. Or maybe, they all should have planned what story they were going to use.

Apparently the rift is pretty serious. Robin and Miley were at the same pre-Grammy party and managed to avoid each other all night. An insider reports they were seated just a few tables away but never once talked with each other. Maybe the awkwardness of the situation was too much. Can you imagine the texts that were flying back and forth between the two after the performance? It is probably safe to say Robin wasn’t totally aware of what Miley was going to do. He probably thought being on stage with her would boost his career, which it did for about a month.

Now, he has faded back into anonymity and is just that guy that Miley Cyrus twerked on during that one performance. Heck, Miley has done so many other things since that particular VMA performance, the entire debacle is a distant memory.

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