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Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines Too Much for Paula Patton--Couple Separates

Paula Patton has announced she has separated from Robin Thicke.

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton are not denying the split rumors this time around. The rumors are true. The couple has officially split up. Although they are not offering up any specific reasons for the split, it was kind of like watching a train wreck waiting to happen. Paula released a very brief statement about the status of their marriage to People magazine.

The statement sounds like any other standard drivel a broken Hollywood couple releases, “We will always love each other and be best friends, however, we have mutually decided to separate at this time.” Their relationship came under fire after Robin Thicke joined Miley Cyrus on stage at the Video Music Awards in August. The way he allowed her to rub all over his groin was a bit shocking. Paula Patton didn’t say anything immediately after the performance, but in the days following she insisted she was okay with it. According to her, it was all about the art of performing and meant nothing. She slammed reports the marriage was in trouble and told the people who were praying for her to save their breath.

After 9 years of marriage, the couple is finally calling it quits. It could be the fact Robin Thicke is regularly photographed dancing very close to other women and copping some very inappropriate feels. There were rumors Paula and Robin had an open marriage and she was okay with all of the heavy flirting and groping, but this recent statement says differently. No woman likes to watch her husband fondle other women. We were not programmed that way.

Speculation the two were growing apart started several months ago and some chalked it up to boredom. They have been together since he was just 14. His music is regularly about her and he has always insisted his wife was the only woman for him. As it turns out, he was wrong. The couple has one child together. Earlier this week, Robin was spotted at Disneyland with his son. He had been scheduled to give a concert on Saturday night, but canceled it for what was claimed to be a loss of his voice. In a statement about that situation he said, “I never want to let down my fans, but I have unfortunately lost my voice and cannot perform.” He could have been trying to deal with the ending of his marriage.

Robin won’t have to worry about Paula’s side of the bed getting cold. The young blonde he was photographed with at a VMA after-party is already offering up her company to the now single father of one. You may remember her as the young blonde who got her picture taken with Robin in front of a mirror. The mirror revealed Robin’s hand was grabbing the blonde’s butt and giving it a good squeeze. Very cheeky behavior indeed. His wife stood by him all these months, but clearly the butt-grabbing, grinding and other behavior was too much for her to continue to ignore. Robin Thicke seemed to enjoy the life of a single man and now he will get to live it for real.   

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