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Rockstar Sues Android Manufactures - Is Apple & Microsoft's Fear Of Google Behind It?

Rockstar looks to take on all Android manufactures because some of “their patents” have been used without their consent as far back as 2000. 
Rockstar Sues Android Manufactures - Is Apple & Microsoft
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We can all feel it in the air, that moment in time where our subconscious thoughts are tingling like a spider sense, though these are on a more global level. Apple and Microsoft have been in some troubled waters as of late, although Microsoft has been in boiling water for some time. While Google as everyone knows, is the biggest search engine in the world, nearly a ⅓ bigger than it’s closest rival, Microsoft’s Bing. In the past 2 years Google’s popularity has only grown to the point even car manufacturers like Tesla want in on the action.

Both Apple and Microsoft have had their attempts on slowing down Google and their Android operating system through the continual battle in the patent wars, when really this only affects the consumers like me or you. This is where the company Rockstar comes into play, with them being owned majority by Microsoft and Apple. Rockstar looks to take on all Android manufactures because some of “their patents” have been used without their consent as far back as 2000. I am a big supporter of playing fair, especially in the tech business world because so many users and their data is at stake, and this seems like it could truly cause some users to jump ship in choice of another operating system.

In 2011 Nortel Networks Inc sold off around 6,000 patents to Rockstar, who outbid Google for the rights at over a $4 Billion price. John Veschi is the chief executive at Rockstar stated, “This really has nothing to with Apple or Microsoft.” Then continued on to say,  “I figured that given the price that parties were willing to pay for these patents, talks to license them would be much easier,” and “We were reluctant to sue, but since we've paid the ante, I’m more than eager to enter good-faith negotiations.

These statements draw up some pretty big red flags for the justice department, well as long as they are doing their job correctly. Stating they were reluctant to sue and then turn around and light up everyone and their mother is almost humorous to say the least. I guess when you are Apple and have so much ‘innovation’ still left in the tank you would think they would be looking to lead the tech race, not try to handicap it. It looks like that mysterious Google barge in San Francisco has really scared the pants on some companies and to think Halloween has already passed.

Three quarters of all smartphones used in the world are ran on Google’s Android operating system, the last quarter is made up of Apple, Microsoft and Blackberry combined. Though Blackberry also owns part of Rockstar, it’s such a small portion that their vote for this matter doesn't count. I know there are fanboys out there for all devices, but shouldn't our favorite companies be looking into the future, not at patents that are over 10 years old and are already integrated. This reminds me of the ridiculous Podcast lawsuit that is currently taking place, making claims about ownership years and years after the initial fact, patent trolls as we like to call them.

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