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Ronda Rousey Answers The Call In Dramatic Fashion

14 seconds later...

Ronda Rousey Answers The Call In Dramatic Fashion
Image Created By Jonathan Parkinson, Image Sourced From PedroGaytan via Wikimedia Commons

UFC-- Well there isn't much of a place to begin or end in Ronda Rousey's latest fight against Cat Zingano as the result was decided quicker than Speedy Gonzales eating hot tamales and in direct eyesight of some cheese. 14 seconds into the first round and the fight had been decided by the current and still Champion Ronda Rousey.

Once the fight was underway Cat Zingano bulrushes the Champion in hoping she was to catcher her with a surprised attack, little did she realize Ronda was prepared for just that. With an attempted flurry of punches Ronda Rousey tossed her to the side and latched onto Zinganos right arm. Within a few seconds latter the female judo master had her submission in sight as she cinched it up for a straight armlock.

It truly was a work of art, and to think just yesterday I was making a few statements that Ronda Rousey couldn't hold up the MMA pilar for woman alone. Boy was I wrong, better yet, girl was I horribly wrong. Just as Joe Rogan was stating before and even after the fight, there is no immediate competition for the current champion.

Just 24 hours after the steroid enhanced(?) Cyborg beat her opponent in what seemed to be a quick fashion with a 49 second victory, but Ronda steps up to the plate and smashed a grand slam in beating her opponent even faster in just 14 seconds. The champion continues to cement her place and as the dust settles it is clear as a bright blue sky in the middle of summer in Southern California, Ronda Rousey is the champion and there isnt a single competitor in her way at this moment.

After the fight Joe Rogan asked what’s next for the still champion, Rousey then mentioned fighting holly who had fought the fight before and then mentions taking away the only no lose competitor left and putting the blemish on her record. Like any true champ, there can only be one undefeated superstar, and the UFC has one in Ronda Rousey.

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