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Rooting A Bootloader Locked Samsung Note 3 From AT&T

Rooting Your Samsung Note 3 From AT&T Is Easy!
Rooting A Bootloader Locked Samsung Note 3 From AT&T

SAMSUNG-- Unfortunately for AT&T customers who own a Samsung Note 3 and are looking to root your device there is a small problem, the bootloader is locked thanks to AT&T. However that doesn't mean that someone hasn't taken it upon themselves to help get around this little predicament. This article will be broken up into 3 sections, the first will show you how to gain root access, the second will go over installing a type of recovery called “Safestrap” and finally the third section will be a brief overview of everything you MUST know.


Part 1:

Gaining root privileges on a locked bootloader like we have on an AT&T Samsung Note 3 is actually extremely easy thanks to something called “Towelroot” thanks to developer George Hotz. Follow these steps and you should get root privileges and Super SU installed, if you are just wanting root but don’t want to install a custom rom, you can just stop after you finish Part 1 in its entirety.


  1. Head over to in you Stock Browser(Chrome Browser wont work but others may)
  2. Touch on the TowelRoot icon and download the apk file.
  3. Go into your phone settings and open up the “security” section which is located under the “General” tab. Make sure the “Unknown Sources” box is checked.
  4. Install the TowelRoot APK file you download in step 2 and open it.
  5. Touch the “make it rain” and you should gain root access, if your device reboots then it most likely did NOT root your device.
  6. Once you are rooted, open up the Google Play Store and search for “Super SU” and install it.
  7. Open up the Super SU app and either choose to remove Knox(I recommend it) if you are not going to use it, otherwise you may run into some errors from time to time.
  8. Enjoy!


Part 2:

Now that we have root we can go ahead and set up our device to have a type of custom recovery(Safestrap) and then the ability to install a ROM that is compatible with your device. Just like in Part 1, follow the following steps to get Safestrap installed and then booting into and installing a custom ROM for your Samsung Note 3.


  1. Open up your browser and head on over to here, Download Safestrap, and just make sure you download the correct version( KK-3.75, JB-3.71 and below).
  2. Open up the Safestrap APK you just downloaded and install it, you will need to make sure “Unknown Sources” is still enabled like we did in Part 1 Step 3.
  3. Once inside the Safestrap application, you will click “Install Recovery” and then you should have the option to “Reboot to Recovery” though it may need to reboot first.
  4. Inside Safestrap you will notice it looks just like TWRP since it is based on it, make sure you BACKUP YOUR DEVICE right away.
  5. You may be required to “Wipe” your system when installing a certain ROM, just touch the Wipe button and follow the instructions, it should only take a few seconds.
  6. Touch “Boot Options” on the main page of Safestrap, you will be able to  set up another ROM slot and install your ROM of choice on it. This will allow you to have more than one ROM installed at the same time, though it will take up a lot of room on your devices internal storage.
  7. Some ROMS will tell you to install it directly onto your “Stock ROM” slot, so this is why it is IMPORTANT to backup your system right away.
  8. Now that you have you “Boot Options” setup and you are currently on the Rom Slot you want to install your downloaded custom ROM, you can click on the “Install” button on the main page of Safestrap.
  9. Locate your ROM, and make sure you downloaded the CORRECT ROM! You will brick your device if you try to do this wrong, so know what you are doing, I AM NOT AT FAULT IF YOU BRICK YOUR DEVICE. ASK QUESTIONS IF YOU HAVE THEM.


Part 3:

Here is a quick overview of what we have just talked about and the advice I have to help make this as easy as possible.


  • Backup your Contacts and Important files BEFORE you begin
  • Go into your devices “Security” area and make sure the “Unknown Sources” box is checked.
  • Open the stock browser and head on over to and touch the icon to download Towel Root.
  • Install Towel Root by touching “Make it rain” and remember the device should NOT reboot.
  • Open the Google Play Store and search for SUPER SU, install it and open it. Follow the instructions for the first time boot, choose to remove Knox if you are not going to use it(recommended).
  • Inside the Google Play Store search for Titanium Backup and install it. Open it up and back up your files.
  • Head on over to here, Safestrap and download the correct one for the Android version you are running(KK or JB).
  • Open Safestrap and click the install button.
  • Reboot into Safestrap and BACKUP your device right away
  • Create a custom ROM Slot in “Boot Options” and select it, then wipe your device if the ROM you are installing has instructions to do so.
  • Click on Install and locate your Custom ROM file and install it.
  • ENJOY!


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