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Running Apple's iOS Applications On Android, It Actually Becomes A Reality

iOS apps running on Android? How long will Apple let this last is the real question

Running Apple

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY-- Cross platform integration with games, apps and pretty much anything else that comes to mind is something that’s becomes desired at one time or another. Whether this is to play your favorite game online with some friends that use the other console or mobile system or just to truly see who is the best gamer period. Well six students who currently attend Columbia University and are enrolled in the Computer Science program they have going on there have developers ‘Cider’.

What Cider can do for Android devices is give them the ability to port over an iOS application from Apple's ecosystem. This isn't done in the same sense a ‘Virtual Machine’(Virtualbox) works for such cases of running another fully working operating system like Windows inside a Linux distribution. These kids have created a way for binaries to work together on a single device, both the local as well as the  foreign. Though this is still in a beta phase they have successfully ran a number of iOS applications right alongside the Android applications on a Nexus 7 device.

The way Cider works is it actually copies the files and framework that is needed to run an iOS application and it mimics that it’s actually running it, when in all reality the android platform is running in the background. There are a fair share of problems so far though that need to be ironed out, as not every function is available yet. The GPS, Bluetooth, Phone Radio and Camera all don’t work with ported over iOS applications just yet, although assuming the project continues being developed then the features should arrive at some point. The questions becomes now becomes when.

Though Cider isn't available yet for anyone outside the 6 students at Columbia university, let’s hope they either create a Github page, XDA post or website for those of us that want to give it a try a chance. This could be a great solution for users who are looking to move away from Apple and try out one of the man mobile phones on Android.

Here is the original publication from Columbus Universities campus, HERE.

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