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Ryan Giggs Is Once Again The Future Of Manchester United

The Future is once again looking bright for Manchester United, as Giggs is lined up to learn a lot about being a full time manager. The great news is he already knows the philosophy in which the club has been successful for so many years, one David Moyes seemed to not get.

Ryan Giggs Is Once Again The Future Of Manchester United

Manchester United-- Well David Moyes has been gone for all but a week but it’s funny how one man can make such a negative or positive impact in such a short amount of time. Ryan Giggs was named as the temporary replacement for the recently departed manager of a mer 10 month stint as the head of Manchester United. Though the pressure is almost non existent now that Manchester United is locked in at 7th place and no other chances of trophies in any outside competitions.

Though Giggsy may only be temporary, any true MUFC fan will know that seeing him in a suit on the touch line of a match and leading the red devils is something that is wanted, desperately in the near future. This is where Louis van Gaal can come in and really make an impact, not only with the current and future squad of players but also in getting Giggsy the experience he needs to lead the team into a glorious future.

Louis van Gaal has shown time and time again that he is one of few who has the ‘balls’ to take a team on and build if for success. Just ask Bayern Munich or Barcelona, and for that matter ask the Manchester United fans would like the club to also move on from the legendary Scotts era Sir Alex Ferguson not David Moyes you twat) into a clean a beautiful one without him.

Ryan Giggs is Manchester United equivalent to Pep Guardiola during his Barcelona coaching stint to multiple trophies from the biggest competitions. Though where Guardiola went wrong is with the back office in not seeing completely eye to eye, where is at United there is only one way to do things, The Manchester United way. Ryan Giggs knows this and has already commented on it numerous times since he has been a manager(1 week and counting).

That is why David Moyes is without a job(yes he is 30 million pounds richer though) and it will be unlikely he will ever get a top tier team ever again, that is unless he builds it from the ground up with a club outside that tier by a long shot.

‘Mr. United’, Ryan Giggs is the future of Manchester United just as he was when the Class of ‘92 was built to turn Manchester United into what it is today, a global brand for success. Louis van Gaal is in favor of attacking other opponents relentlessly, which is in complete contrast to that of David Moyes. The United way is to attack, Giggsy’s way was to attack, Louis van Gaal’s way is to attack, so the back office for the red devils finally got the hint and attacked the man who was destroying MUFC by firing him before the season's over.

Now until the eventual chance for Ryan Giggs to become the full time manager at Manchester United is going to be different. Though looking on the bright side it can’t get much worse than what the previous short term manager did for the club. Let’s just remember as United fans, we have Ryan Giggs as a secret weapon that is almost the perfect product to continue the Manchester United ways, but first he will have to learn on how to be a bit harsher and how to deal with the constant guilt of not starting certain players with skill.

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