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Ryan Gosling’s Best Films

Reasons to love Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling’s Best Films
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Ever since the Nicholas Sparks smash book, The Notebook, was turned into a worldwide hit movie women have been swooning over actor, Ryan Gosling. The 33-year-old actor gave sexy a new meaning when he portrayed the male equation, Noah, in the ultimate love story of all time.

In The Notebook, Gosling’s character, an average Joe, is madly in love with the daughter of a wealthy businessman, Allie, and despite their years apart their love for another never waivers.

This movie was the top of all romantic films and is quite possibly the best Valentines Day movies of all time and it certainly brought Gosling into the limelight and into the hearts of women everywhere. There has always been something special about Gosling but that film truly showed the world just how sexy and talented he truly is.

This in mind lets take a run through some of Ryan Gosling’s best films of all time.


The Notebook (2004) – Guys, want to do Valentines Day right? Rent this film and watch it under the romantic lighting of candlelight or the fireplace. This is the cream of the crop of all romantic films and for those of us who are susceptible to tears, this is a real tearjerker and Gosling is absolutely superb in the role.

Stay (2005) – Okay this film isn’t exactly the best but it certainly did keep audiences on the edge of their seats. It had twists and turns and a stunning cast, none more so than Ryan Gosling. This film ended in a way we never saw coming and that is always a plus in our book.

Lars and the Real Girl (2007) – This film had a strange plot but it portrayed the talents that Gosling had with class and style and although he wasn’t meant to be the heartthrob we’ve all come to love, there was something sexy about him regardless.

Blue Valentine (2010) – Talk about a harmful marriage. This film, co-staring Michelle Williams, showed the worst side of a marriage gone wrong, but still filled with extreme passion. Gosling soars in this film as a confused and hurt husband to an even more confused wife. He was convincingly in love with his wife and even more convincingly hurt. He was spectacular, but that’s to be expected from the young actor.

Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011) – Welcome back the sexy, romantic and intensely wonderful, Gosling playing the leading man. This film was wacky and showed how gorgeous Gosling is underneath his clothes as well. Can you say…hello abs?!

Gangster Squad (2013) – In all his films Gosling has been sexy and talented but he hasn’t really been an out-and-out badass that is until his role as Sgt. Jerry Wooters in gangster thriller. Gosling was cool, calm and incredibly collected even in the face of all that gunfire, what is not to love about him in this film?

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