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Sailing 'The Last Ship' with Travis Van Winkle

Tony Duran

The Last Ship is one of those shows that draws you in, hooks you and keeps you on your toes every single episode. It is unique in its delivery of romance, suspense, and intrigue and of course mystery and that is what makes it so special. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the leading men are all gorgeous, especially Travis Van Winkle.

Van Winkle is no stranger to the silver or big screen but his role as Danny Green is possibly his best yet and we were thrilled when we got the opportunity to speak with him. Here is what went down:

BECCA ROSE: What has been the most rewarding experience of working on The Last Ship?

TRAVIS VAN WINKLE: For me, I think the most rewarding thing is getting to put some much time; effort, heart, and soul into something and seeing it grow. I think now, going into season three, to see where my character is now and where the show is now, it’s just so gratifying. To be a part of such an evolving process just feels really great.

BR: What was it about the role that really attracted you to the project?

TVW: My character is Danny Green and for me, the humanity and the journey that he goes on was something that really stood out. This guy dedicates his life to doing what he can to make the world a better place and to help other people in need. He stands up for the people that don’t have the power or strength to stand up for themselves and I love that quality in him. It’s something that I try to do in my life. And also the romance, I love the idea of having a romance that has to be kept under the radar and the fun and the danger of all of that. I’m a big sucker for love stories, and romance. It also has a whole bunch of action. To me, it was just a dream role.

BR: If Lt. Danny Green were stranded on an island, what books would he need to have with him to pass the time?

TVW: I think Danny Green would want some kind of book on farming and agriculture. Like some book that would be able to help him navigate and use the island to his advantage. I believe he would also want one classic playboy. Oh man, what a creep Danny Green is, he wants a playboy. You know what, we will give him a classic novel and we’ll give him, Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged

BR: Other than acting, what are you most passionate about?

TVW: I’m pretty passionate about service. We all have our own way to serve. We all have our own things that we are drawn to or are passionate about and we like to give back. For me, giving back is a huge part of my life. At the moment I am working for an organization called Build On. I work with inner city kids around the US and help them to be a part of changing and enhancing their community. We also go build schools across the world and team up and participate with families in these small communities to build schools with them. I’m very passionate about my service endeavors and creating opportunities for others to be of service as well. For me what I’m learning to do is use my service and fuse it with creativity.

BR: Are you still filming the documentary?

TVW: We filmed and it’s done. We have a few little interviews to do here and there but for the most part it’s done. We filmed some amazing kids from Detroit and tracked their journey as they helped fix up the neighborhoods. Most of them live on 7 mile and 8 mile, which is are really rough parts of Detroit. Seeing these amazing kids and how inspiring they are even though they have all this stuff working against them, they are extraordinary and they are doing great things for their community. We are in the process of editing the documentary but it should come out in 2016. 

BR: What is your most memorable fan experience?

TVW: I was at a comic con and this guy came up to me and I felt he really wanted some attention. I felt there was something else going on, so I started asking him about what he was interested in. He told me what he was interested in and I realized if he is interested in this that means that deep down inside that he has some kind of deep emotion for this topic. I started asking him questions about his life and he opened up to me about stuff that he was going through, very personal struggles, I asked him if he minded me making a recommendation, because I have actually struggled through some of this stuff myself. So, I told him a few of the things that I had done and a few different words of advice that I had heard through going through something similar, and that was that. I found out a couple weeks later that the words that were spoken between us really inspired him to take another step in a positive direction. He thanked me for really listening. I guess there is a misconception about people in the entertainment business that they don’t really listen to fans or that they don’t care. I thought that is amazing to know that all I had to do was have a conversation and ask some guy how his life was and he took away something so positive and took some steps forward in his life. To be a part of that was a beautiful experience. That one will stick with me.

To keep up with what Travis is doing follow him on Twitter @tvdub |  Instagram @TravisVanWinkle  | Like him on Facebook @TravisVanWinkle 

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