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Samsung S6 Is Better Than The iPhone 6? Yes, But Don't Ask Invested Writers

Samsung S6 Is Better Than The iPhone 6? Yes, But Don

FANBOY/GIRL-- The battle rages on as Samsung released their anticipated next model in the Galaxy series, the Samsung Galaxy S6. Apple last year released an anticipated new model as well, actually two, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Since the early days when Samsung was beginning to gain some ground in the Android world, they along with Apple have been throwing insults, lies and of course overstated truths as to why one is better than the other.

Now the Samsung S6 is officially available to consumers it is only natural to see the competition hype up their own products. This isn’t the problem, almost all businesses do this in some sort of practice or another, a Pizzeria says they are the best in town and the others don’t use natural ingredients is just one example of competition being just that, competitive.

What really becomes a problem is when certain sites start becoming very one sided, such as Forbes and their recent over obsession with Apple. Sure the site can do this and it would cause little to no problem for me, however it is when you linkbait and deliberately write a bunch of garbage without actually reading the links you post in your article.

The main article I am speaking about is titled “Apple Loop: iPhone 6 Defeats Galaxy S6…”. Okay, so it can be said that the title alone will depict this “journalist” is already favoring Apple, though his bio states he looks to impact mobile technology, I guess mobile can be replaced with the word Apple then. I won’t be giving any backlinks to his work but Google search is your friend and I have given you plenty of clues.

Here are a few other article titles I have seen as of late, remember journalists are suppose to write as unbiased as possible. Just writing an article, claiming facts in which you post links to, then the readers check those facts via the same links to find out they are wrong on every account.

  • Android Circuit: How Secure is Android, Samsung's Broken Promises, Galaxy S6 Edge Reviews

  • Five Sign The Samsung Galaxy S6 Will Have Failed

  • Android Defections To Apple Weaken  Market For Samsung S6

  • iPhone 6 Vs Samsung S5 (Apple never loses)

To each their own id something I try to live by, every device is going to suit everyone differently so lets end this fanboy nonsense. We can start first with the so called “journalists” writing opinionated articles, keep those on your personal blog unless stated otherwise in the title of the websites you work for.

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