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Samsung's New 8 Or 9 Inch Tablet Is Coming In 2014

The FCC has released news that Samsung is looking to release a new tablet sometime this year.
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Well it looks like another Samsung Tablet is in the works as the FCC has shown that they have been shown telling their investors of a new project, which is mandatory for all companies with stocks inform potentially new investors of the direction the company is going. The rumored Samsung tablet is looking to be around 8-9 inches and supporting Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, although it isnt known yet if a mobile sim card will also be included. 

The Bluetooth/Wi-Fi is going to be ran on a 2.4GHz antenna while the Wi-Fi is boasting a 5GHz one and both are included through the same chip located on the bottom of the tablet. By looking at the submitted blueprint, it shows the camera is based on the top left side similar to some of their Samsung smartphones. The good part is CES is just around the corner, so it seems that Samsung was holding out till the last minute before they released some information and timed a hype leading up to the tech event.

The real question is if Apple will look to have this tablet banned as the patent wars are always a hot topic, though Google has stepped up it's interest in protecting their clients. Rockstar was acquired by both Apple and Microsoft in an attempt to slow down the Google domination, though Rockstar has been noted as being a a bit of a patent troll as they have not been inventing anything but rather just looking to suing anyone and everything that stands in a chance to make a few dollars. 

Personally I'm waiting for a Nexus style tablet to come out before I splurge on a new device, but we never know what may happen during next weeks CES event. Leave a comment below on what you are looking for in a tablet and also the current tablet you are using now that is keeping you from purchasing another.

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