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Sean Connery

There is about to be a geriatric catfight in Hollywood!

There is about to be a geriatric catfight in Hollywood!

Brace yourself for the latest celebrity feud between the last two celebrities on earth you could ever imagine squabbling, in public for that matter. Well, only one is making jabs thus far, but there is sure to be a rebuttal soon from Sean Connery’s camp.

In an explosive story published in the Daily Mail on August 26 in the late afternoon, it was revealed that the former James Bond actor may be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. This was reportedly insinuated by his good buddy, actor Michael Caine.

Caine and Connery have been close friends since 1975 after starring in a film together. Their friendship spans nearly 4 decades and there has yet to be a public feud. Their relationship has lasted longer than most marriages and relationships in Hollywood. It seems like they really clicked and were not prone to the nasty drama that tends to consume most celebrities who make it big.

After a long, successful run of no drama, it has finally caught up with the two aging actors. Seems a little late in life to be getting caught up in silly he said, he said antics, but better late than never. The gauntlet has been thrown down by Caine—maybe. Well, Kind of.

The 80-year-old Caine supposedly said, “One must have serious concerns for him,” when he was asked about his aging pal. The quote stems from an interview that was published in a German newspaper published this past Sunday. The headline was rather salacious and screamed, “Connery forgets his life.” All of that from one statement that was probably not even made in the context in which the newspaper would have readers believe.

Connery dropped out of the public spotlight several years ago and is rarely seen. He decided long ago he was over the whole acting a bit and honestly, can you blame him? He is 83. It isn’t like he is some young buck. It is time to kick back and enjoy all the money he has made over the years. Unfortunately, when someone fades away, there are always plenty of rumors. It just took a few years to get to Sean Connery.

Now that the proverbial poop has hit the fan, Michael Caine is defending himself and his best bud. He says the whole thing is totally preposterous and he of course never said any such thing. Essentially, he says it was lost in translation. Connery’s rep basically says the same thing. However, the representative words it very nicely and says, “I’m sure Michael was misquoted.”

It is amazing how the story grew legs and spun out of control in a matter of days. It went from Caine being a little concerned for his pal to Connery’s wife scared for his safety. Apparently, she makes him carry her phone number with him just in case he wanders off and forgets it. And then of course, there was the suggestion he had Alzheimer’s disease.

With the story gaining steam like a snowball rolling down a mountain, Caine has come out swinging. He says, “It’s all bull***t, completely preposterous.” He blames some moron for getting his words twisted or “got the wrong end of the stick.” That sounds like a nice way of saying the reporter botched the interview. Caine was in Germany promoting a new film, but after this major screw-up, it is unlikely he will be doing that again.

In fact, the whole story is further squashed when Caine reveals he hasn’t even seen his pal in a couple of years. Maybe their friendship isn’t quite as tight as it used to be. Connery has been enjoying his retirement with his wife, and reportedly only has a few close friends who are allowed to see and talk to him. However, Caine does say he talked with Connery for a little birthday phone call and all was well.

Fortunately, or unfortunately for those who were hoping for some explosive fireworks between these two aging gentleman, the feud has already been laid to rest. It is pretty unlikely Sean Connery himself would actually come forward and say a word about it. He is way too dignified for to even acknowledge it.

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