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Secrets of Entrepreneurs Traveling Smarter

Many people will be traveling for business in the midst of this hectic holiday season. Entrepreneurs travel to sell their products or service, visit clients, investors, etc.
Secrets of Entrepreneurs Traveling Smarter
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The advancement of technology makes it easier to interact with others remotely. However, the reality is the majority of people would prefer to do business with people they know, like and trust.  


Since it’s going to be a hectic travel season I wanted to share some tips on how you can become smarter in your travel endeavors. I can relate to most of the traveling challenges you may experience at sometime.


Some of the important lessons I’ve learned may be obvious or common sense, however, entrepreneurs should keep business cards on them. You should keep them in your pockets at all times and not in your suitcase. You might meet a potential client or a colleague. I’ve met potential clients in places such as taxi lines, hotels, conventions, bars and planes.


Another tip is to always look presentable when traveling. You never know who you might meet and perception is most people’s reality. Always have spare clothing in a carry on bag just in case you misplace your luggage. I’ve heard horror stories of lost luggage and people having to wait for two to three days to receive it. Always be prepared for the unexpected.


With the advancement of technology you can work from anywhere in the world. You should do some research of the area your going to be visiting. Do a search for hotels, entertainment, restaurants, and Wifi hotspots in the airport. Make sure your batteries are fully charged on your laptop before leaving home.


Make sure you eat right while traveling. When you eat right you feel better and more productive. It’s very important to get a good night sleep as well. Try to stay away from anything with caffeine, especially coffee.


Finally, make sure to save and back up all your important files on your hard drive before leaving. Accidents happen while traveling and even at your office. You can back up your information on external hard drive, servers, and the cloud storage platforms. It’s always a good idea to be well-organized and productive as much as possible.










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