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Selfies Are Out for 2014, but Guess What is Cool Now?

Discover what is hot and what is not for 2014.
Selfies Are Out for 2014, but Guess What is Cool Now?
Credit: Kim Kardashian

Shortly after the word “selfie” made it into the dictionary, it is being declared uncool by the hip 20-somethings of the world. For this, we all thank you. Now, if somebody could just get the message to those serial selfie snappers it would be even better. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have made the selfie something vulgar. It used to be cool to post a picture now and again of yourself, but now it has become an epidemic.

Young women have taken up selfie-snapping as if they are in the selfie Olympics. It is truly not necessary to take pictures of yourself on an hourly basis. You know exactly who those people are. We all have at least one of those friends on our Facebook.

According to a new survey dubbed the Vapestick Cool Report, selfies have been voted out of 2014 by the 20-something population in the UK. Hopefully, their idea of what isn’t cool will rub off folks in the United States as well. Maybe. How about we get to pick and choose the cool new trends that have been ushered in for 2014?

One item that really sticks out as a major fashion faux pas is the idea of wearing knee-high socks with Birkenstocks. It was cool in the early 90s and then it thankfully faded out rather quickly. But it is back. Brace yourself for socks and sandals again this summer. Keep your eyes above the knees and you can avoid seeing this atrocity. You won’t have to worry about seeing too many people wearing those unflattering Dungarees that have valiantly tried to make a comeback either.

Young people are not buying into the idea of wearing the horrid overalls despite Miley Cyrus and a long list of other celebrities trying to make them cool. They are cute on toddlers, not grown-ups.

On the outs for 2014 is Miley Cyrus. She had a pretty big year in 2013, but her antics are old and tired. It is all about Hollywood newcomer Lupita Nyong’o who is the new kid on the block for this year. She’s cool and much more tolerable than Miley. That almost makes up for the socks and sandal nightmare.

Also dubbed uncool for 2014 is the awful hot yoga trend that was made cool with Gwyneth Paltrow and Lady Gaga. Sweating is gross and just because you are bending your body into unnatural positions, it doesn’t make it any better. Gone is hot yoga and in its place is something called voga. Apparently, it is yoga while doing those weird vogue hand movements. Think Madonna in, “Vogue.” Yeah, that is a real workout there.

Some other things that have been dubbed uncool are kale and what the British refer to as bum bags. In America, we call them fanny packs and quite frankly, those have been uncool forever. What did kale ever do to anybody? Is it even possible for a vegetable to be cool or uncool? Another weird trend that started in the U.S., but is spreading throughout the world is something known as pheromone parties. Online dating is so last year. Now, instead of looking at a potential love interest’s picture, you smell a piece of their clothing first. This is not a joke.

If you want to check out the list, click here if you want to be cool. Well, cool according to the 20-somethings of the world.

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