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Selfies Saved One Persons Phone & Got Another Labeled A Theif

Unintelligent Criminals Dealing With Hi-Tech Individuals  

Selfies Saved One Persons Phone & Got Another Labeled A Theif

SELFIE-- If you needed proof that just because the younger generation is growing up with technology but really has no idea how it works, then look no further than to this story. Smart criminals will make the police work in order to capture them, dumb ones not so much. Taking “selfies” as they are called is either adored or loathed by most, but I think we can all agree it helped here.

23-year old Rawley Bingham was visiting a Denver Bar when she stated her iPhone was taken from her. What surprised her was finding about 30 selfies on her Facebook profile that had been uploaded automatically. The criminal looks to be a thief and full of themselves as she just couldn't stop looking at herself.

The young female thief knew how to disable the “find-my-phone” so I guess Apple needs to work on that, but thankfully Rawley Bingham had her photos automatically uploaded, otherwise she may have never known where to begin her search. The selfies shows the thief having a grand ol trip in downtown Denver throughout the next day, though Bingham has mentioned she doesn't want to press charges.

A $2000 reward has been offered by the Denver Metro Police, which should make things quick as I am sure some child in the area has either gone to school with the young thief or seen her around. More questions will arise though since it was in a bar that all this initially happened. No details at the time of day this was, but if security footage of the bar is seen with the thief, who is reportedly only 17 years old with a alcoholic drink in her hand, both her and the bar will have some fines coming their way.

Android users have a “find my phone” feature as well but as seen above this can be turned off and you become a little out of luck. IMEI numbers are used to tell Android devices apart from one another, you can find that from your service provider or by logging into your Google account and finding it by checking all the devices that are attached to said Google account. Your phone service provider can also disable the device remotely and blacklist it so other service providers don’t re-enable it.

The best way to make sure this doesn't happen to you is still going to be the age old method, keep your valuables close and don't leave them sitting on the bartop.

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