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Sex Secrets of Healthy Men

It’s very important to understand the inner workings of your man and his sexual health.
Sex Secrets of Healthy Men

Male sexual health is a very complex problem and sometimes it’s taken lightly. If your unhealthy it could possibly do some harm to your sex life and even affect your self-confidence as a man. Why? A man’s sexuality is crucial to his perception of masculinity. It’s very important to understand the inner workings of your sexual organs and that a healthy sex life does not begin and end with an erection. I’m going to share with you a few lifestyle changes that men can use to reverse and prevent conditions that reduce sexual health problems. 


Have Regular Sex. Studies have proven that men over the age of 50 who have at least two orgasms a month live a longer life. I guess you can assume that men who have heart attacks don’t have sex on the regular.


Once a male turns 40 years of age their blood vessels start to age, becomes fuzzy with fatty deposits that can affect blood flow to the penis, putting men at risk for erectile dysfunction. Fatty tissues build up causing hardening of arteries as a result of obesity. Within due time a man may not be able to produce testosterone making it difficult for the penis to become firm.


Get Good Sleep. The body is in maintenance mode, repairing cells and tissues while you’re sleeping. The sexual organs are being repaired as well. During the night, healthy men experience erections that are crucial to the health of the penile tissue.


If a man doesn’t sleep well and misses out on the REM phase (a cycle during sleep where blood vessels are widened), the tissue around the penis can become deficient of oxygen and nutrients causing damages and affecting the ability of the penis to become firm. Men who don’t have erections while sleeping usually have a difficult time maintaining erections when they are awake. If you’re a man not experiencing morning erections, you should consult a doctor.


Stop Stressing. As a man with each sexual encounter the Luteinizing hormone is released because it stimulates your sex drive. A fear of failure and being worried about your sexual performance will interfere with your adrenalin, which can affect your ability to maintain an erection. If you can rise to the occasion as much as you should, consult a doctor.


Cardiovascular Health. The common health issues that affect erections are closely related to heart attacks and strokes. 90% of men with erectile dysfunction have risk factors of cardiovascular disease. It’s the number one killer in the U.S.


Studies have proven in a room with a group of men with penile artery disease, 50 to 75% will have blocked arteries around the heart. An erection plays a critical role in a man’s health and can be a good indicator of what’s going on with the rest of the body. Your sexual appetite and lack of performance is a direct link to your health.


Sex, Sex, And More Sex. Sex is a natural part of our lives as humans. It helps improve sleep, reduce anxiety and increases self-confidence. Studies indicate that men with an active sex life are generally in good physical and emotional health. Eating the right foods and exercising consistently are powerful tools toward optimum health. By making a few lifestyle changes, men can reverse and prevent conditions that reduce health and hardness to make sure you always rise to the occasion.




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