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Should Apple Incorporate NFC In Future Devices? Yes!

NFC is starting to gain larger market and Apple is rumored to be adding it to future devices

Should Apple Incorporate NFC In Future Devices? Yes!

APPLE INC-- The world is getting more connected everyday thanks to the improving efforts of the technological age, and NFC is looking to be a big part of the mobile payment world. Rumors are starting to speculate thanks to a Morgan Stanley analyst by the name of Craig Hettenbach. In which Hettenbach believes NFC will be Apple’s “core part of their mobile payments strategy.” going into the future.

Last year Apple debuted their iBeacon technology, though that is based mostly on relative information to a user's current location. So it seems Apple is starting to get back on the right track in catching up their devices with the way the current market is trending. More and more companies are incorporating NFC into future projects, from home appliances to automotive. Investors and analysts are also predicting that NFC will be one of the largest sectors for mobile payments in the near future.

The one major drawback as of now is the current location a user can use NFC outside a major metropolitan city like New York or London, UK. Google has already launched their own mobile payment option using NFC with Google Wallet, even AT&T has one too in Isis, however again it comes down to retailers updating their cash registers and payment machines to accept NFC payments too.

Naturally it’s only right for Apple to incorporate NFC into their devices, so Hettenbach is most likely on the right thought process. It almost seems like we are starting to see most phone manufacturers have very similar features and only the small add-ons and body styles is all that separates them. With Apple also rumored to be on the verge of announcing an iWatch as well as a couple new sizes for the next iPhone, it could be a big years end for the company and a bright 2015.

Having NFC available for the Apple line of devices would give 3rd part manufactures another platform to open their projects up to for users to use. This could go a long way to letting Apple users join the fun in incorporating their homes into becoming more automated. Simple NFC tags can go a long way in just simplifying everyday habits.

Jonathan Parkinson: Jonathan covers Technology & Sports related topics from around the world, whether it’s through his writing or YouTube videos. A Chromebook dual booted with Crouton is his daily tool in getting his work done, and Elementary OS is his favorite Linux desktop to date.

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