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Should Guns be Allowed in Schools? Sandy Hook Anniversary Sparks Debate

Should guns be allowed in schools?
Should Guns be Allowed in Schools? Sandy Hook Anniversary Sparks Debate
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With the releasing of information about the Sandy Hook school shooting, the debate on whether or not guns should be in schools has been raised again. There are several school districts across the country that are tossing around the idea of employing an armed guard in the schools or possibly equipping either a few or all of the teachers with guns. Guns that are meant to be used to put down a threat in the event a shooter gains access to a school.

There is nothing more terrifying than hearing of a school shooting. While middle and high schools are more prone to shootings that are acted out by students, the Sandy Hook event cannot be ignored. People are crazy. Plain and simple. Shooting little kids is sick and unthinkable, but it happened then and it can happen again. For whatever sick reason, mass murderers get a kick out of committing heinous crimes that are designed to one-up a similar crime. Every time there are these mass shootings, you know there is some dude (or possibly female) lying in their bed and plotting what he or she could do to gain the notoriety like the other shooters did. What would be the ultimate crime that is sure to have people talking? Killing kids is right up there at the top, but killing a large number of people is even more newsworthy and sadly, that is appealing to madmen.

We have to protect our children. So now we are in the middle of this nasty fight. Should guns be banned altogether or do we put more guns into the hands of the good people in the hopes of stopping the bad guys? It is a debate that has some parents reconsidering sending their kids to school at all. Where does it end? Will students be carrying guns to protect themselves?

There are some valid points to both sides of the argument. Obviously, kids will be kids and sadly, there are too many deaths every year due to kids playing with guns and accidentally shooting themselves or others. Now, a gun advocate would argue this is due to a lack of gun safety being taught to kids. This is true, but not every parent wants a 5-year-old capable of wielding a gun. There is also the possibility of a gun getting into the wrong hands. A teacher who has been given the responsibility of keeping a gun in the classroom would have to be hyper-vigilant to keep that weapon out of a disgruntled student’s hands.

However, there is a solution for that too. One school district says if guns are issued to teachers or a select group of enforcers on school grounds, thumbprint technology would be used to ensure only the registered user could fire the gun. Bullets designed to shatter when they come into contact with a surface are another safety measure to eliminate ricochets.

Is this truly the world we live in? There are enough things to worry about without the added pressure of wondering if your child’s school will be the latest in what seems to be a weekly occurrence of gun violence in schools. Is it time to send the kids to school in full tactical gear? You laugh, but it is out there as are bulletproof backpacks. Bulletproof vests designed for kids are growing in popularity as parents struggle to keep their kids safe. It is like living in an episode of The Walking Dead except it isn’t zombies or walkers out to kill our kids, it is our fellow man.

Guns in school may not be the answer, but consider this; how many mass shootings do you see happening at a police station or other place where the majority of people are carrying guns? If a person knew a school was armed, would they even consider trying to repeat the Sandy Hook tragedy? Taking away guns from the law-abiding citizens isn’t going to solve anything. Drugs are illegal and look how effective that has been. People who want to do bad are going to get their hands on guns or other weapons. It boils down to how ready we are to handle it.

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