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Should Sports Teams Tank Their Season For A Better Draft Pick?

to tank or not to tank, that is the question

Should Sports Teams Tank Their Season For A Better Draft Pick?
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SPORTS-- When it comes to the typical fan(atic), the notion of their team tanking the season, or referred to as purposely losing in hopes to gain a better draft pick would be blasphemy. However more sports and even more teams within those sports are seeming to turn to this option more often. Whether or not the fans come to believe their beloved team(s) are actually taking this route is a whole other matter to say the least.

Though I am not totally opposed to this idea, I do think it runs along a very VERY fine line. When paying fans start to notice that the game is being purposely thrown I think it is unfair, but let’s say a superstar player is opting for surgery in the middle of the season and the team is dismal(cough cough Knicks), then I would say to have the surgery and look to have a healthy next season.

The question really becomes, “do you want to have one bad year in order to have the possibility of 10 great ones?” or would you rather just watch your team continue to struggle for years to come in hopes things may just suddenly change. A few good examples of teams that have suffered for one or two years to only turn a new leaf are the Green Bay Packers in ditching Brett Favre for Aaron Rodgers, The Celtics forming the first “Big Three”.

With big markets not having the same effect on which players go where as much as it used too, the teams that do throw in the towel won't be making the same headlines as if those bigger market teams do. With a bigger market it also seems as if there is a bigger responsibility, but in the meantime if your team is of relevance, be thankful you don't have to worry about any of this….yet.

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