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Should You Buy A New Car Or Used Car?

The age old question, buy new or shop used?

Should You Buy A New Car Or Used Car?

CARS-- When it comes to buying a car for most people it can be put in the “BIG TIME” purchases one would make in their lifetime. A car to many is apart of the family, maybe not when it is first purchased but as memories, travels and more are built over those 4 wheels, it certainly feels like it at some point. That is why when it comes to the notion of buying a car brand new or looking to go the used route is a debate that won't be ending anytime soon.

There are a few different kinds of drivers and buyers that will come into play when this decision has to be made. There are those that will leave their car completely stock for the most part and let the mechanics do all the work, and then there are those that like to work on their cars or are willing to at least change their oil or brake pads.

What I am going to is break up this debate into the two categories with pros and cons for each. Now since this is a new Vs used article, the new cars will be focusing on cars over $30K and used cars will be ranging around the $10k mark.

Buying A New Car:


  • New Car Smell*
  • Original Owner
  • Under Warranty
  • Little To No Mileage
  • No Wear Or Tear
  • Color Choice
  • Add-On Packages


  • Forgo A TON Of Value After Driving It Off The Lot (Around 20% In Value Is Lost Instantly**)
  • Expensive Maintenance(BMW charges around $400 for a single headlight)
  • Aftermarket Parts Are Limited

Buying A Used Car:


  • Cheaper
  • Aftermarket Parts Can Be Included
  • Usually A Lot Of Online Help For Problems
  • Cheap Maintenance Or DIY
  • Cheaper Insurance***
  • No Value Lost From Only Driving A Mile


  • Potential High Mileage
  • Don’t Know How It Has Been Driven
  • Will Not Have The “Newest” Features

Now obviously this list isn't complete or really that long to begin with, but it should give you a few ideas to think about. Remember, if you are buying this car for a first time driver, I would highly suggest buying a used car. New drivers, especially teens have a higher chance of scratching, skipping scheduled maintenances to just name a few cost effective scenarios. Looking back at my first car experience with a 1964 ½ Mustang with no power steering, no A/C and plenty of breakdowns, I wouldn't change it for the world.

In having a car that might not have been a “cherry” I at least got the know how on how to take care of car troubles. I have plenty of friends now that wouldn't be able to change a tire let alone their oil, even if their life depended on it.

Now if you are a bit older and are buying the car yourself, then a new car isn’t the worst idea. AS a matter of fact, it then comes down on how much you love cars and how much you just love getting from point A to point B in a stock style. Newer cars feel to robotic and take that feeling of the gears switching under your feet. To each their own, but if you are not making a decent living, then a new car, especially a high end car will cost you more in the long run then you may care to admit.

*You can always buy that "New Car" smell air freshener though too

**The price of the car and name brand will have an effect on how much is actually lost.

***Your driving record and car style will still have a major effect on this.

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