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Sling TV Could Be Another Game Changer To Make You A Cable Cutter

Directs Sling TV Is Announced, More Options For Cable Cutters Arrives

Sling TV Could Be Another Game Changer To Make You A Cable Cutter

SLING TV-- Dish Network officially announced their long awaited “Sling TV” that looks to bring major broadcasting channels to the internet. There has been a growing list of cable cutters in recent times, but for those that have held out have done so mainly due to not getting network TV channels. ESPN, TNT and CBS to name just 3 will bring a lot of entertainment that the internet hasn't been able to offer yet to the mainstream, but local channels are still needed.

Around 200 channels have signed on so far and if that is of any sign to come, I suspect every channel will be looking to air online first and satellite and cable boxes second. The best part about all this is the price, while most satellite and cable subscriptions can start of around $59.99, Sling TV is just $20 and not just limited to the living room.  

To start off it will be available for some smart TV’s, the Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick, Xbox One, Googles Nexus Player, Android TV and of course both the Android and iOS mobile platforms. The Google Chromecast should gain support in some fashion or another if both the Android and iOS platform are looking to be supported I suspect.

So for a $20 Sling subscription you can get some “standard” TV and the option to rent movies, or you could also subscribe to Netflix or Hulu Plus for around $7 each and have a more cost effective entertainment platform for the family and on the go. Now we just need to get the internet speed, cost and availability down and everyone can be happy, but I doubt the big corporations are going to play nicely anytime soon.

A name that was noticeably left off any list of the supported platforms for Sling TV was Sony, meaning their Playstation may not be supported right away if at all. They may be trying their hand at their own service first, but if Sling TV catches on fast then look for Playstation to fall in line as their users start to complain.

Sling TV will have a user base no doubt, but not until local the channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX are onboard will a large market grow for them to grow with. When we can stick an antenna on our roof and get those channels for free, I don’t see why they can’t be added to the list of 200 or so channels already offered by Directs Sling TV.

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