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Snow Horrifies East With 6 Confirmed Deaths

Snow Horrifies East With 6 Confirmed Deaths
Photo Credit: MSNBC

Winter weather is upon us and already the air has been noticeably colder the last few days however, most of us have yet to see a snow storm. East coasters know the snow is imminent and will be upon us but we are thankful that the weather has so far held off. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Buffalo, NY.

Earlier this week parts of Buffalo, NY was pummeled with a massive snow storm, which lead to the tragic death of six residents. According to a report by USA Today at least three people died from heart attacks while attempting to shovel the massive amounts of snow out of their driveways. One of the deaths was reportedly caused by a vehicle accident when one of the cars was attempting to help the other gain traction on the icy, snow-covered roadway.

With over five-feet of snow having already fallen the snow continued to pummel the city leaving residents stranded and helpless. Parts of the area were predicted to get their full year’s worth of snow with approximately six feet falling in this first of many winter storms. Plows were out in full force but many of them were unable to break through the wall of snow created by the storm.

While most of the east coast was spared the wall of snow, the cold, icy weather spread out through most of the coast, a wild change from the fall air we have been experiencing over the last few weeks. Even parts of Florida weren't safe from the freezing weather.

This is just the first of the snow storms expected to hit the east coast this winter and all we can do is prepare for the worst but hope for the best. Winter is coming.

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