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Social Media Platforms By The Numbers, Which Should You Focus On Most?

Looking at the top social media platforms for 2014

Social Media Platforms By The Numbers, Which Should You Focus On Most?

Every year a social media platform will either climb or fall from the previous years statistics, though the number might not seem large to most users. This however isn't true to those that use social media marketing as a main portion to how their business is conducted.  During the 2014 calendar year there has been many questions on how the recent acquisitions and developments of a select number of platforms is going to effect the importance a social media platform will have on their business.


As a social media platform that has over 1 Billion users world wide that far exceeds what any other site has so far, it’s easy to see why Facebook is a highly targeted platform to conduct marketing strategies and business. This platform during the 2014 year is statistically showing that 2.5 Billion pieces of content is shared every single day. The most important aspect to the user ratio to the pieces of content that is shared is the fact that their is actually 1 Billion active users to date. So all in all Facebook is still  great place to focus on for your marketing needs, the good news is the social media platform is implemented in nearly everything, making sharing your content even easier.


The quick and simple nature of Twitter's 140 character tweeting method can be a gold mine for getting news to spread across the internet like a wild fire. As long as the content is good, the headline is catchy and a decent and relative photo is attached, then with the right timing and enough lucky you can see a large jump in traffic. Currently Twitter has its largest influence in the Unite States but up to date statistics show that it is growing steadily worldwide. Another impressive bit of news is that 5,700 tweets are happening every second, the straight to the point nature in which Twitter works makes it great to post a quick snippet to your content. Currently there is about 560 million active users on Twitter worldwide, these numbers should be much higher in the coming years, so it’s not too late to take advantage of this platform.


The recently new kid to the social media block and one that can draw either a love it or hate it mentality is Google+. In being focused on branding and building circles, Google+ is a great place to get involved in now while it’s still breaking new ground. There is no question that Google has enough findings to eventually get it’s attempt at a successful social media platform off the ground and running smoothly. As businesses grow more and more online based and utilizing services such as Google Maps and other Google based products, they should add the Google+ social media platform into their line of social media platforms. Just as Facebook and Twitter, Google+ is becoming integrated in more and more websites in order to sign into for quick and easy access. Google+ has nearly 1 million new active users everyday, making it rip for the picking and also the fastest growing social media platform online to date including the 400 million current users.


With being focused on business mostly it should come to a no brain er as to why it might be a good reason to sign up for a LinkedIN account to promote yourself or a business. Corporations and associates are constantly involved within this social media platform, creating a perfect fit to get involved and potentially link up with others to expand your business's reach. Also, if your demographics are focused on those that are settled into a household, then LinkedIn has 79% of it’s users as being over 35 years of age. As of 2014 there is 240 million active users but LinkedIN is also showing a slow but constant growth in the amount of accounts.


Users are more likely to visit a website, article or product if a catch image is used to grab their attention. Instagram’s focus is all about photos, so marketing with images is another great way to draw in a crowd and reach the 150 million active users. Not only are the images important to branding on Instagram, but hashtags are just as important to spreading the post in which it can relate to the millions of users. Recently Instagram improved their picture only method of sharing with a 16 second video sharing option to add yet another way to grab users attention. Brands like MTV are easily some of the most followed accounts on Instagram, so constant visuals are key to get the most out of this social media platform.


The internet is all about discovering what you like and Pinterest is all about the same methods as being the social media platform all about discovery. There is also a higher portion of female users on Pinterest, with a reported 68% being female and 32% male. Products like clothing, gardening, household and beauty seem to come out as the top contributors to Pinterest social media platform, though this platform should not be slept on by anyone. If you have the time and are already making graphics for your post, then it is a great idea to incorporate Pinterest in your arsenal of social media platforms.

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