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Solange Knowles Kicks the Heck Out of Jay-Z in Elevator as Beyonce Watches

Speculation runs wild as people wonder why Solange Knowles violently attacked Jay-Z in that elevator.

Jay-Z and Beyonce are essentially royalty in the music world and are treated as such wherever they go by most. There is one woman who clearly has her own opinion about the rapper and she wasn’t afraid to unleash on him last week. Solange Knowles let Jay have it with both barrels in a rather shocking physical assault that was all captured on security video on May 5. It is the elevator video being seen around the world as people watch Solange kick the crap out of one of the toughest guys in showbiz. She clearly had no fear he would retaliate.

TMZ obtained a video of Beyonce, Jay-Z and her sister walking into an elevator after attending the Met Gala. While elevator security footage tends to be rather mundane, nobody could have guessed what would happen the second the doors slid shut on this particular car. Solange is seen getting in Jay-Z’s face before slapping and pushing him. When a security guard pulls her back, she used her feet and landed a few more blows. Jay-Z assumed the position of any other guy who was under attack from a female with pointy shoes on and guarded the family jewels.

Oddly enough, Beyonce stood at the back of the elevator and watched the whole thing without stepping in. Solange was abusing her husband, but she appears to do nothing. A security guard clearly realized the fight would have been a PR disaster and hit the emergency stop button in order to get the situation under control. When the doors did slide open, Jay-Z emerged with his shirt slightly rumpled while his wife plastered on a serene smile for the cameras. Solange looks like she went stomping out of the elevator.

The attack has got everybody wondering what the hell happened that set Solange off. As you can imagine, various sources are coming forward to add their two cents to the story. One insider claims the reason for the fight was a misunderstanding, “Solange flipped out over something Jay had said, that she took the wrong way.” It wasn’t only Jay who felt the wrath of Solange. Apparently, Kim Kardashian’s good pal, Rachel Roy, had been the target just before the trio abruptly left the party. Solange was said to have been in a “vicious mood” at the party.

Anybody who has been out with friends knows these incidents happen when alcohol is involved, but another source claims Bey and Solange were not seen drinking. Maybe it was just a tantrum? Oddly enough, after the incident, Beyonce got into a waiting car with her sister while her husband left in a different one. The sisters then flew to Costa Rica for Kelly Rowland’s wedding. In the aftermath of the fight, Solange Knowles cleaned out her Twitter account and deleted all but one picture of her and Beyonce together.

As expected, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Solange are all keeping quiet about the incident. However, the Standard Hotel, where the incident occurred, has released a statement. They are likely feeling the wrath of the power couple. The hotel claims they are looking into the situation and are trying to find out how the video ever saw the light of day. Celebrities will not feel comfortable patronizing a hotel if they have to worry their every move will be recorded and released to the media.

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