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Solving Zombism with Malcolm Goodwin

Solving Zombism with Malcolm Goodwin

Zombies are everywhere. They’re on TV, they’re in movies and they’re in books. There is a craze that, no pun intended, won’t die out so how can anyone possibly do something original with it, right? Wrong! The CW has taken on an incredibly original and entertaining series called, iZombie and it has been rocking fans everywhere.

The series follows Liv, a once normal girl engaged to a beautiful man, who gets turned into a zombie during one incredibly crazy boat party. Now she has taken on a new job working in a morgue, dumbed said fiancé and is helping an unwitting detective solve murders. The series has heart, wit and humor and one of the best characters on the show is the unsuspecting, Detective played by the insanely talented, Malcolm Goodwin!

We spoke with Goodwin about iZombie and what the duration of season two has in store for us.


BECCA ROSE: What can we expect from season two of iZombie?

MALCOLM GOODWIN: Well, I think you can expect some answers. The season one finale left you with so many unanswered questions, so you can expect to have some of those questions answered in terms of how close Clive is going to come to finding out that Major is actually involved in the whole meat shop massacre, also whether or not Blaine or Rob are cured from Zombism. I think also one of the biggest cliff hangers is whether or not Liv is gonna save her brother, Evan, and the ramifications of that. It’s incredible. Expect a lot of laughs, and defiantly getting more into this Zombie culture. It’s going to be fun. 

BR: What is it about the series that makes it so unique?

MG: It has that supernatural element, in terms of Liv being a Zombie, but she is a functioning Zombie. I don’t know if I have seen a functioning Zombie, or someone in-between because she is really not full zombie but she is not fully human. She is right in between. If she doesn’t eat, and consume brain then she can full Romero, full on Zombie. Just to sit there and have this world exist that’s in our modern day society, we make so many pop cultural references. We made a reference to Game of Thrones, and the music out today. So it’s defiantly set in the now. I always say Clive Babineaux probably goes home and watches The Walking Dead. This is when people often think, “Why doesn’t Clive realize that Liv is a zombie?” Well, in The Walking Dead, and 28 days Later and these other incredible Zombie TV shows and movies, they don’t look like Liv, they don’t talk, they don’t have jobs, they don’t do any of those things. It’s not going to be as obvious to him or anybody else because it happens in the real world. I give all credit to Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero Wright and the producers and writers. We get these scripts and we go, “Oh that is a trillion times better than anything that we could of thought of as actors. How did they think of this, how do they come up with this?” I think it’s a testament to them.

BR: What is your favorite quality of Clive’s?

MG: His tenaciousness and his dedication, the fact that he is a guy who takes a lot of risks and chances but does it in pursuit of justice. He has a strong sense of right or wrong. He sees things start to come to Fruition but he doesn’t really question it because it’s working. It’s about solving that case. And anything that helps it, that’s all he cares about no matter how weird it may seem, or where it’s coming from.

BR: Do you guys get to do any ad-libbing now and then or is it straight script?

MG: It is straight script. Their writing is better than any ad-lib we can ever come up with. There are times, we try to think of something, like maybe we could add something more but the majority of the time it’s no ad-lib.  It is strictly exactly what’s on the page.

BR: I know you’re doing Rhode Island Comic-con, later this year. Have you ever done events like that, or if not what are you kind expecting, what are you looking forward to the most?

MG: I did Pop-Con a couple of months ago in Indianapolis. It was a great experience. What’s great about it is, you get to meet people in the flesh. I love meeting the fans. This show would not have a second season without the fans. Too meet the people who are responsible for us because they have embraced it and celebrated it, is a pleasure. That’s the number one thing I am looking forward too.

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