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Some Thoughts on The Brock Turner Case

An athlete, a student, a son, a rapist.

In one instance a girl's life is changed forever. There is no going back. The memory of what he did will stay with her forever in her nightmares, in her thoughts and in her daily life. Despite the fact that, luckily for her, she doesn't really remember much, for years, if not for the rest of her life, this woman will have nightmares about what happened to her. She might not be coherently aware of what went down but her body knows and her conscious.

Sex for her, won't be safe for a long time. Her trust in men will be gone and every time she goes out she will fear this happening again. It might not be on the forefront of her mind forever but she'll always have the notion that it might.

These things happen all the time and a lot of the time the victim remains silent out of fear, or shame and what justice was served for what she had to go through, a measly 6-month sentence complete with special treatment for her rapist? Within his right or not, this judge did not do his job properly.

Is this justice? Is this what a man who destroyed a woman's life deserves? Protection from those who would do the same he did to her? This isn't justice. This is bullshit. The justice system, set in place to protect victim's like the woman Turner raped, basically ruled in favor of the rapist himself and all because he is an athlete and had a bright future in swimming. Pardon my language but, who the fuck cares? So his athleticism is more important than destroying a woman's life?

It is sickening the things that the justice system allow people to get away with. Rape should not be taken lightly nor should the woman ever become the accused. Why is it that so often people will blame the woman? "She was asking for it." "She didn't explicitly say no." "She knew what she was going there for." None of this is justification for taking advantage and destroying a woman's life. I don't care if she went there willingly or even if she seemed like she was enjoying being with the man at first, when a woman says no she means NO! Silence isn't consent. There is no excuse and no woman ever deserves this and most can't comprehend the emotional repercussions this kind of an events has on a woman.

Perhaps if the judge had a daughter or if Brock Turner's father had a daughter they might understand the outrage that their comments and the judging ruling has created. No one should ever be allowed to do such a terrible thing to another human being. There is no excuse for it and just because she doesn't remember it and can't testify doesn't mean the he should be given leniency. Sometimes traumatic experiences are repressed to save the victim from the pain of remembering what happened. Does this really entitle Turner to special treatment?

Again I ask, where is the justice? Criminals like Turner are meant to be punished not given special treatment because they have a bright future, can schmooze their way out of a jam, or are good looking.

There is NO excuse to do something like that and there never will be.

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