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*SPOILER ALERT** - Breaking Bad's season finale summary

The season finale of Breaking Bad has come and gone but don't worry if you missed it. Here is a quick summary of how Breaking Bad finished the anticipated season finale.
*SPOILER ALERT** - Breaking Bad
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The season finale of Breaking Bad has come and gone, with fans like myself left with a slight feeling of relief, while at the same time leaving an empty feeling knowing I won't get to see any more Breaking Bad. The series has been running for 5 seasons to which started with a bang back in 2008 and has taken us on this roller-coaster of a ride. The main character, the beloved Walter White has taken our hearts from  sadness crossed with a bit of hopefulness into the dark side a man can create when dealing with the natures of evil.

Warning there are going to be spoilers in this article so don't read on if you don’t want to ruin the show’s ending!!!

The Breaking Bad season finale was everything I was hoping for plus more, you see I am a big fan of not trying too hard in an attempt to over impress the audience, just because it is the last episode it doesn't mean it needs to go overboard. This episode had a bit of classiness to how it was wrapped it up, the finale didn't jump around and leave you unsure of what happened, it simply wrapped it up just as you would expect Walter White to do.

The episode was Walter trying to tie up all the loose ends, why at the same time saying his goodbyes. Skyler, Walters wife wouldn't accept any of the money as we have come to know in past episodes, but Walter knowing he is walking towards the light, so to speak, figures out in having admitted to Skyler that he did all this for himself and not for the family that she would be willing to accept his last request, to call the authorities with the Gps coordinates to “the graveyard” as he heads out to do his final act.

Jessie on the other hand has a very peaceful introduction into the episode with him working in a wood shop. The music in the background is similar to the typical one you would here in a ‘Holy” scene in a movie, but this moment is cut short as reality snaps back into place and you get a clear view of his real situation. Jesse is shown locked up in chains stuck in a meth lab, forced into labor and looks to have been there for a very long time with having long hair and a beard.

Walt meanwhile is still going through all his past memories that have helped make up the Breaking Bad series. When visiting his old house Walter has a flashback to the start of it all, when his brother in-law was dreaming of busting his first meth lab during the same time Walter was just cooking up his first batch. 

Walter White visits the same coffee shop he use to meet Lydia at in the earlier seasons in order to slip poison into her coffee creamer before she gets there without her knowing. Walter then manages to get inside the Nazi compound  and parks his car out front of the ‘Clubhouse’. Walter goes through some frisking to make sure he isn't strapped on a wire before he is allowed in the Clubhouse.Once inside he pleads to make a deal with Jack where he can flip some new product because he said needs the money. Jack tells Walt he doesn't need him and that he is going to kill him, but before he has him killed, Walter gets Jack to bring in Jesse.  

Eye to eye both Walter and Jesse, Walter lunges at Jesse and tackles him to the ground, to where he presses his key fob for his car just outside the door which makes the trunk pop open. Without a delay a military style machine gun pups up from the trunk and starts blasting armor piercing rounds into the building killing almost every Nazi but but Jack and Todd while Walter lays on top of Jesse protecting him.

Walter uses a gun and kills Jack while Jesse still locked in chains wraps them around Todd's neck and chokes him to death. Again Jesse and Walter are shown eye to eye, and Walter then asks Jesse to kill him, but Jesse sees he has already been shot from the machine gun Walter was protecting him from, and tells him to kill himself (referring back to how Walter wants everyone to do everything for him). Jesse speeds away in a car while hysterically laughing and leaving Walter behind to his own demise.

The final scene is of Walter White walking through the meth lab that Jesse was chained and held prisoner, but ironically it looked as if he found it a pleasing scene. Touching the equipment with a smile on his face you can see the flashing lights of the red and blue cop cars speeding up in the background, and with one last move Walter White lays on the ground with a peaceful look and his arms at his side and passes off into the darkness from a mortal gunshot wound from his own invention, completing his last act alone and without someone else doing it for him..

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