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Standard Smartphone Or Phablet, Which Device Is Right For You?

Phablets Vs Standard Smartphones, Which Device Is Right For You?
Standard Smartphone Or Phablet, Which Device Is Right For You?

GO BIG?-- Smartphones are becoming developed in more Shapes and sizes with each new release, though the same questions seem to keep popping up, should you buy a big or small Smartphone? Having been a owner of both a standard 4.7 inch screen and then a larger 5.7 inch screen. I am going to go thru the pro's and con's as to which device l prefer and for what reasons I prefer it for.

First let me talk about what devices I am going to be basing this off, these devices will be the following;

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

iPhone 5s

LG Flex

Samsung Galaxy S4


Moto X

So as you can see I have had the opportunity to handle and use a few different devices over the last year or so. The iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 and HTC One will all be used for the smaller based phone comparison while the others will be for the larger “phablet” style smartphones.

The Traveler

When it comes to traveling whether it is for business or pleasure will have you looking for a device that is both productive and also easy for traveling purposes. The smaller smartphones are  going to be best suited for this type of user. Great battery life and a good camera are going to be the top 2 features a traveler will be looking for when they are in the market to purchase a smartphone. The Moto X, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S4(now S5) are going to be the top targets as far as with the devices I have used.

The Power User

This is the category yours truly falls under, those users who are on their smartphones more often than not. Personally speaking, the larger “phablet” style devices meet 90% of my demands and as a harsh grader, that’s really really good. The Samsung Note 3(4), LG Flex and maybe the iPhone 6 Plus (depending on how bad the “Bendgate” problems really get) are going to be some of the choices I recommend to others. The Samsung Note 3 is my current device and getting a full day of battery, an amazing display, 32GB of internal storage, the S-Pen and of course a great camera had me and still has me sold as it being the best phablet style smartphone on the market. Work all day/nigh without straining your eyes and enjoy watching videos as if you had a tablet.

The Casual User

Here is where it all comes down to preferences since these users aren't too concerned on what device they have in their possession. This is where I would recommend getting something that works for you on a basic level and here are a few questions to ask yourself;

  • Where will I be storing my smartphone when I am not using it?

  • Do I using my Smartphone for reading, watching movies or something else a larger screen would be most beneficial?

  • Are you taking a lot of photos?

  • Do you want to spend a lot of money on something you hardly use?

  • Are you someone with smaller hands or larger ones?

The Photographer

Great cameras are available on both larger and smaller based smartphone models, however the battery life expectancy might be something that is overlooked. By far and for the longest time it seems was Nokias Lumia 1020 smartphone which has a very impressive 41MP rear camera. THe major drawback to that phone though is the OS, as it runs only on Windows mobile. The Samsung Galaxy series since the S4 has had one of the better cameras, you can always buy an extra or extended battery if you want to makes sure you never miss that chance to capture the perfect moment.

Social Media Addict

There is one thing that matters more than anything for those that are a social media addict, the battery life. Constantly being online throughout an entire day can drain a battery pretty fast, especially if you are uploading or downloading images, videos or gifs. Those that are heavily using social media outlets will also need to consider what it is you are doing on social media. A good camera may be an important feature if you share a lof of images, then there is the screen size, do you want a larger screen since you are staring at it all day?

Since you are already on social media sites so much anyways, it might be best to join a community of each smartphone you are considering to ask the questions you need to and also keep an eye on what kind of complaints owners of that particular device have.

The Artist

One smartphone and one smartphone line only meet the criteria for fellow artists out there. The Samsung Note series(2,3,4). These smartphones come with the S-Pen, which is by far one of the best stylus pens on the market, and thanks to Samsung's technology, they blow the competition out of the water too. THe colors are great and so is the battery life, best of all, a special edition drawing app called  “Sketchbook for Galaxy” is included free. Whether you are on a long plane trip or just sitting at a coffee shop, the Samsung Galaxy Note series is like keeping an art studio in your pocket.


So there you have it, a list of some, but not all of the different users out there that might be looking to purchase a smartphone. Though I do want to mention that once you jump up to a "phablet" style smartphone,  it will be really hard to go back.  Whenever I pick up a small phone and use it,  within the first few seconds I feel like I'm squinting and straining to enjoy the device.

Jonathan Parkinson:
Covering Traveling, Technology & Sports among other such topics, and whether it’s through my writing or creating videos, unique content is what I do. When I’m not busy working, I enjoy a bit of footy, gadgets, traveling and the millions of things in which life has to offer.

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