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Stars Who Have Struggled with Alcohol

Some celebs have gotten the better of alcohol, while others have, unfortunately, seen alcohol get the better of them.

We’re all human, which is why it should come as less of a shock when a celebrity comes clean on getting clean.  Many do not realize that alcohol is a drug like any other.  It can destroy careers, families, and in extreme cases, death.

These celebrities have battled alcoholism in the past and won.

Stephen King - The famous author (Carrie) once struggled with alcoholism until his family staged an intervention back in the 1980s.  He has been sober ever since.

Jamie Lee Curtis - The Halloween “scream queen,” having addictions to both drugs and alcohol, considers her recovery to be her overall greatest achievement.

Diana Ross - One of the legendary Supremes and a best friend to Michael Jackson, Ross voluntarily checked herself into Malibu’s Promises Rehabilitation Center for her addiction to alcohol.

Ben Affleck - Actor Affleck (Argo) checked himself into rehab back in 2001, a spokesman said, when Ben realized that there was a full life out there waiting for him to get better.  (Seems that Ben is a pretty insightful dude!)

Anthony Hopkins - Actor Hopkins (Silence of the Lambs) claims that he was in such a state of alcoholism that he essentially missed the entire decade of the Beatles becoming popular.  He has since turned the experience into a positive one, glad to no longer be in that dark place from whence he came.

Robin Williams - Comic/actor Williams (Jumanji) relapsed after 20 years of being sober, which reportedly led to his second divorce.  His initial choice to get sober, in which he went cold turkey, came on the heels of the death of his buddy, Saturday Night Live’s John Belushi.

Truman Capote - Author Capote (In Cold Blood) publicly acknowledged his addiction to both drugs and alcohol, and when he was asked outright by talk show host Stanley Siegal what would happen to him if he didn’t soon quit, Capote answered in the most reasonable way - that it would kill him.  He was right - he ultimately died of liver cancer brought on, according to the coroner, by drugs.

Johnny Depp - Actor Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean) claims that he was never an alcoholic, that he didn’t develop a physical need for alcohol.  He simply used it to self-medicate and stopped using it when he felt he no longer needed it and felt confident that it wasn’t really affecting his day-to-day life in terms of giving him better coping skills.

Mickey Mantle - Like Capote, legendary baseball player Mantle let alcohol get the better of him.  Believing that because his family members died young that this too would be his fate, Mantle gave in to abusing alcohol until it ruined his liver and he required a transplant - a controversial one, considering he was given a donor liver within just one day when others had to wait longer.  Liver cancer was ultimately what lead to Mantle’s death.

Eminem - Unlike Johnny Depp, rapper Eminem admits that yes, he did have an addiction problem, and he was forced to check out of rehab due to people constantly distracting him by asking for autographs and stealing his things.  He credits his kids with helping him finally get sober.

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