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Supernatural Celebrates its 200th and Pays Tribute to The Fans

Supernatural Celebrates its 200th and Pays Tribute to The Fans

It is pretty incredible for a show to celebrate 100 episodes but for a show to celebrate its 200th episode, now that is a feat in and of itself. Last night the cult hit, Supernatural, the CW's underground smash, celebrate its 200th episode, which was an accomplishment no one thought it would achieve. The series was always popular within its own fandom, but outside the safety of the fandom it seemed that the show Eric Kripke created was ignored and underrated. With the vampire craze at its height, The Vampire Diaries became the CW’s most popular series and therefore it seemed Supernatural was left to fall.

Kripke had developed the unique series to last only five seasons but when fans became determined to keep the show they loved around and here we are five years later and in the middle of the show’s tenth season. And last night the 200th episode aired and paid tribute to the loyal fans that have been so involved and adamant about their show continuing on its journey.

The episode entitled, “Fan Fiction,” brought Sam and Dean Winchester to a school play where the drama club had decided on Supernatural as their theme. Of course, since this was an episode for the fans the concepts in the play were strictly from concepts the fans themselves created over the years. Unfortunately such concepts included the idea of “Wincest,” and “Destiel,” which we’ll let you use your imagination to figure out what they mean.

There was of course, a supernatural creature the Winchester boys had to fight but the focus was not on the creature itself but the fans love of the series, which in the play’s case were the book series written by Carver Edlund, aka Chuck Shurley, aka God (or at least that was the speculation).

The episode brought the show back to the heart of what made it so good in the first place. It was unique and entertaining with just enough humor to keep things light but with elements of the horror we’ve come to know and love. Sam and Dean fought and took down the creature and saved the day…of course they did! Once the creature was vanquished the play went on as scheduled and the fans got the tribute they so deserved. It was the absolute perfect way to celebrate the show’s 200th episode and as if the entire episode wasn’t wonderful enough the writers threw in an incredible surprise at the end…Rob Benedict (Chuck Shurley/Carver Endlund/God)! His was a character that has created the most questions amongst the fans. What became of Chuck? Was he really God? Perhaps he’ll come back for more episodes and we’ll finally get our answer.

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